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Where is the Yoga industry headed….

The yoga industry is heading down a dark path. Why, well one reason is Yoga has become big business. We are losing the why, why did we become yoga teachers to begin with.  When did  pumping out  as many yoga teacher trainings  as possible become the the MISSION? yoga teacher training

STAY TUNED for the full blog tomorrow! 

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Digital Influencing Is Not my Jam- Says Forty Plus Ten

Digital Influencing Is Not my Jam ! 

Ever get caught up in the HYPE of what’s trending? I did. After a year of having entered the world of Digital Influencing by blogging and reviewing skin care products, makeup favorites, curly hair care products, and fashion trends, I realized, Digital Influencing is not my JAM! For the last 3 months you may  have noticed that I have gone MIA on my blog. I initially did not know why, and chalked it up to WRITERS BLOG and lack of INSPIRATION. The interesting thing was, I wasn’t missing it. This last month, I had to circle back on advice I often give to people. People at work, my family, my friends and even random strangers. The advice is, in order to live your life’s purpose, and live your ” BEST LIFE” you have to do what you LOVE. I ask, what is the thing you would do for FREE all day? That thing that you love so much, you would not care if no one paid you to do.  That is your PURPOSE ! You are so happy doing  ” IT ” that time fly’s by, and you’re not the lease bit exhausted but instead, you’re energized.  I wasn’t doing that anymore, and that was  the problem, that was the ” WRITERS BLOCK”


Those of you who know me personally know that I am the GOAL COACHER, not a digital influencer /instagram celebrity wanna-be!  You come to me feeling like you can’t do something, and by the time we’re done chatting, you feel like you could RULE the world!  That is my GOD giving gift, I’ve always had it. However, I wasn’t always so good at flipping the script for myself.  My work for the last few years has been OWNING my gifts and taking my own advice.  I have a nack for pushing others out of their comfort zone and going after their dreams, but for me, not so much.


I have had so many obstacles thrown my way that I could write a book ( and I intend too ). I have worked really hard at accepting and believing in myself. As long as I made others feel good about themselves and their dreams, that was all that mattered to me. That is the trapped that I found myself in so many times. Then one day out of the blue,  my higher power whispered to me, what about you?  You see, I am really good at creating my own blocks/distractions. Which I really create out of fear, not any real fear, but things I created from a place of not feeling good enough.  Makes no sense, but remember FEAR is liar, and never makes any real sense.

Other- dope- version-of-myself


The block I created was, creating Forty Plus Ten as a fashion-beauty-lifestyle Blog. My thought was, I will create a digital following based on what people are really interested in and then sprinkle in the content that I really want to talk about. Don’t get me wrong, I  love trying new products and I LOVE anything FASHION. But, that’s not what fills me up, inspiring and motivating people to live their life’s purpose is what I am really ” OBSESSED” with.  My fear was, maybe people would not be interested in finding their truth or hearing from me. I mean who am I to speak on this? I even went as far as to  created a 2nd instagram feed at _the_truth_within I legit needed some presence of what I really love on social media. I know, so crazy !


Thank goodness that self reflection is a regular routine for me. Even when, I turn my head away from the truth, I cannot help but turn back. I have to be authentically who I am and I always come back to that. So, no I haven’t had writers block nor have I been un-inspired. I just accepted that I did not  created Forty Plus Ten to be another fashion Blog. I created it to be a place of truth, and real-ness , inspiration and motivation.  For women to identify their life purpose, or find it again if they had lost it in the mist of raising families and to really do what brings them true JOY and HAPPINESS.



Maybe people will be inspired, maybe they won’t.. but what I do know is, I will be doing what makes me HAPPY, and that is being a beneficial presence on this planet, being of service and in turn, living my ” best life “.  What can you now expect from Forty Plus Ten? You can expect less ” beauty stuff ” and more life -changing inspo. I will leave the makeup, skin care and fashion  to the influencers who have that handled.  I will  stay in my lane and create content on  things that make me feel most impactful and inspiring. There are many other things I feel like I should be speaking too.. This last week we lost 2  seemly ” happy” and ” successful” people to suicide, and we where all shocked, rightful so! Clearly there is a BIGGER conversation that we need to be engaged in and I want to use my platform to be helpful were I think it matters.

My intention for Forty Plus Ten is to be a space for us to share our thoughts , feelings, successes and challenges. A place for thought-provoking conversations to go down and to collectively create change and shine light were it’s dark. 

I welcome you all and thank you for being here, 

Be Well, Andrinique

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When Harry Met Meghan- The Royal Wedding


When Harry Met Meghan- The Royal Wedding

The world woke up to beautiful images and videos of the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.  When Harry met Meghan- The Royal Wedding.  This blog is going to be photo highlights of the Royal Wedding that took place on Saturday  May 19th, 2018.


I am so HAPPY that Harry & Meghan had the wedding they desired. They stayed true to their vision and lifestyle while respecting British Royal Family tradition. It was not a cookie cutter version of royal weddings of the past including Princess Diana & Charles and William & Kate’s. Though those Royal weddings were incredible ! But, this wedding was ALL  HARRY & MEGHAN, and it was delightful !

I loved how they were intentional with sprinkling elements/ memories of Harry’s mother Princess Diana throughout the affair. From selecting diamonds from his mothers jewelry to incorporate into Meghan’s engagement ring, to Meghan wearing his mothers Aquamarine ring to the reception. I am positive that Princess Diana is beyond happy and proud of Prince Harry’s selection of the woman he chose to be his wife.


This Royal Wedding was like NO other.. the presence of diversity was incredibly thoughtful. Meghan and Harry ensured that elements of Meghan’s background was represented in all aspects of their nuptials. As we know, Meghan the Duchess of Sussex is of bi-racial descent. Her mother Doria Ragland a Yoga instructor is African-American and her father is Dutch-Irish. Rachel Meghan Markle was born and raised in Woodland Hills CA,

meghan-and-harrymeghan-and -harry-first-walkmeghan-happy-bride

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex

meghan-and-harry-the-duke-and duchess- of- sussex

Meghan’s wedding gown was custom designed to match her elegant and sophisticated style. Her dress was designed by  Clare Waight Keller  of the house of GIVENCHY.


The Royal Wedding cake was again a break from the traditional Fruit Cake. Instead, the cake was created by LA born and current London transplant  ClairePtak of Violet Cakes.

The confection consists of tiers of lemon sponge cake drizzled with elderflower syrup and topped with an Amalfi lemon curd. The wedding cake was coated with a Swiss meringue buttercream and infused with elderflowers and adorned with  150 fresh flowers, including peonies and roses.

Meghan-and harry-off-too-the-reception

Outfit change– Meghan reception dress was another understated, and yet elegant dress designed by  Stella McCartney

Meghan and Harry The Duck and Duchess of Sussex wedding was a true reflection of who they are, and I have a feeling the brits are looking at a new and updated Monarchy coming soon! We already have Prince William & Kate, so get ready for a fresh, new and modern royal family!

SIDE NOTE- I know, WHERE have I been ?! I have been reflecting on what it means to ” Live your BEST Life”… And asking myself, If I am REALLY Living mine. Stay tune Blog coming.

xoxo, Andrinique

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THE DIRTY 7- Toxic Skin Care Product Ingredients

The dirty 7- toxic-skincare-products 

THE DIRTY 7 – Toxic Skin Care Product Ingredients

Let’s talk skin care for a moment, skin care ingredients to be specific?  I’ve always had my eye out for these words on the labels of my skin care products.. 100% sulfate free, paraben, and silicone free, organic, and cruelty free. These are the words you want to look out for. However, cleaver marketing teams for skin care brands, have found new words to place on their ingredient labels. Lengthy, words that we cannot pronounce and do not know the definition of.  The Dirty 7- Toxic Skin Care Product Ingredients

So, some history here, I started paying closer attention to skin care ingredients when I came across a brand who had a “NEVER LIST”, ingredients that they NEVER used  when formulating their products. I could not believe all of the bad stuff that has been used to formulate skin care products. I mean we have a skin routine for a reason, to have healthy skin, right?  And to top it off the skincare industry isn’t even regulated. So, brands can basically put whatever they want into their products. HORRIFYING! 

Well, after being prompted to do further research into a few of my favorite brands, I was left horrified and shocked to say the least at what I found I had  been putting on my skin and into my blood stream. Here I am, trusting brands to be who and what they say they are, only to find out they are not actually being completely honest or transparent. After spending 24 straight hours  ( no sleep ) researching product ingredients. I uncovered that I had been spending my hard-earned money on products that are pretty much poison !


Here are the DIRTY 7

Toxic Skin Care Product Ingredients


  • Sodium lauryl sulfate ( found in foundations)


SLS has been shown to cause or contribute to: skin irritation, disruptions of skin’s natural oil balance and eye damage. It is also widely believed to be a major contributor to acne (especially cystic acne) around the mouth and chin.

  • BHA (found in exfoliants)

“The National Toxicology Program”  classifies butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) as “reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen.” It can cause skin depigmentation. In studies, BHA produces liver damage and causes stomach cancers such as papillomas and carcinomas and interferes with normal reproductive system development and thyroid hormone levels.

  • Parabens (found in makeup, moisturizers)

The FDA acknowledges several studies linking parabens, which mimic estrogen, to breast cancer, skin cancer and decreased sperm count, but has not ruled that it is harmful. According to the European Commission’s Scientific Committee on Consumer Products, longer chain parabens like propyl and butyl paraben and their branched counterparts, isopropyl and isobutyl parabens, may disrupt the endocrine system and cause reproductive and developmental disorders. Look for ingredients with the suffix “-paraben” as well—paraben-free products will be labeled as such.


  • Retinol ( found in moisturizer, lip products, sunscreen, anti-aging products)

Retinol products have the opposite intended effect and become carcinogenic in sunlight, making it extra important to only use them at night and to avoid any sunscreens containing retinol-derived ingredients.


  • Fragrances  Found in moisturizers)

Federal law doesn’t require companies to list on product labels any of the chemicals in their fragrance mixture. Recent research from Environmental Working Group and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics found an average of 14 chemicals in 17 name-brand fragrance products, none of them listed on the label. Fragrances can contain hormone disruptors and are among the top 5 allergens in the world.

  • Oxybenzone (Found in sunscreen)

Oxybenzone is one of the highest-risk chemicals found in sunscreen. It acts like estrogen in the body, alters sperm production in animals and is associated with endometriosis in women.

  • Dimethicone (found in moisturizers)

Prolonged exposure to dimethicone can actually increase skin irritation. It traps everything under it-including bacteria, sebum, and impurities-which could lead to increased breakouts and blackheads. The coating action actually prevents the skin from performing its normal activities-like sweating, temperature regulating, sloughing off dead skin cells. Prolonged exposure to dimethicone can actually increase skin irritation, due to the coating property and because dimethicone is listed as a possible skin and eye irritant.


I am committed to using skin care products developed by brands that actually use healthy and effective ingredients, brands such as Saranghae

A few of Saranghae’s ingredients are:

1.Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Botanical Ingredients

2.Natural Preservative SH-Napre

3. Phellinus Linteus Mushroom

4. Ginseng

In addition to these innovated and natural ingredients, Saranghae’s products smell amazing,  and  botanicals are infused into their products.  So, I  ask you to do some research into what’s in your bathroom vanity and makeup bag.  Google every ingredient that you cannot pronounce and review the  definition and decide for yourself what your skin and health means to you.  

Tip: check for where they fall in the ingredient list. One bad ingredient way down on the list isn’t as bad as being in the top five of the list and having multiple bad ingredients in one product.  If it ends in cone or xane, do further research on the product and it’s ingredients and proceed with CAUTION!

xoxo, Andrinique


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MIA- Where in the world is FortyPlusTen?

Hey Friends,

I know….WTH, where have I been this pass month? I have been writing as a guest writer on a well known skin care brand.. ( Stay tune this month ) ..

And, working on a project that is finally coming together for Forty Plus Ten ! It’s so GOOD. Let’s just say it’s the Forty Plus Ten blog on another level 🙂

More things Fashion, Skincare ( including MAKEUP ), Curly hair,  Lifestyle ( travel, fitness , yoga & mediations.. Forty Plus Ten won’t be just on written page anymore. Think LIVE….heheee !



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New York Fashion Week: Lack Of Diversity Called out

rachael zoe lack of diversity at new york fashion week

Rachel Zoe’s line up is shameful!

New York Fashion Week: Lack of Diversity Called out

New York fashion week as been a favorite of mine since, I was a young girl. As it turns out, my attention is  distracted by the non-inclusion of women of color and women over forty.  So, this blog is not my fashion recap as promised. Instead it’s a New York Fashion Week: Lack of Diversity Called out.

The fashion industry as a whole from company branding, designers, editors, photographer,  are excluding an entire group of women. Why am I/we, women of color over forty not included? Are we not really not relevant in their eyes? Hiring WOC  as a part of a “quota” aka affirmative action so as not to be call attention to their blatant discrimination is not what we are looking for. This SHOULD NOT be the reason why someone likes me shows up on a runway, or is featured in an ad campaign or has a collection shown during NYFW, or is highlighted in a fashion publication under the ” STREET STYLE section or is seated front row.  WTH ?

My personal experience

My career and background of 20+ years has been in Human Resources primarily in retail fashion. I have been the one pushing hiring managers to hire qualified talent for just that, their talent. There were times, I was told “no” on a candidate of color for no other reason than the color of their skin.  They then move forward on a less qualified  person who looks more like a “fit”.  For example,I have had to take it upon myself to provide “tips” to my WOC candidate during the interview process on how to wear her hair ie not NATURAL so she can land the job. Because, I knew she would not get the job otherwise.  My point is racism “IS A “thing and I won’t tolerate it.

Times are changing; get it together people

Times are changing and silence is not an option. You can be apart of the problem or you can be apart of the solution. I chose the latter. If you have read my ‘about me ‘ section on my blog, you will see what my intention and motivation for creating @fortyplusten was from the onset. So, I will continue to speak on this topic as long as I feel this way. I will represent women like me, woc of color as long as this is an issue.

As long as I am not seeing more women who look like me in the role of fashion editor or stylist or ad feature or highlighted in fashion publications, I will continue to speak out ! Oh, I don’t mean the hand full (one hand ) of amazing women currently holding down these spots as apart of some quota or affirmative action bullshit. I mean when the representation is FAIR and above all EQUAL across the board!

Women with voices using their platforms for GOOD!

Here are  two women of color amongst many who are using their platforms to shine a light on this discrimination.

New York Fashion Week: Five Women Of Color Who Should Be On Your Radar  by Lauren Wesley Wilson founder of Color Comm

Street Style Is Killing Itself With Its Narrow Focus on Thin White Women   by Lindsay Peoples fashion editor at The Cut

These women have written powerful and thought-provoking articles this past week.

Definition of diversity

plural diversities

1: the condition of having or being composed of differing elements : varietyespecially : the inclusion of different types of people (such as people of different races or cultures) in a group or organization 

  • programs intended to promote diversity in schools

2: an instance of being composed of differing elements or qualities : an instance of being diverse 

  • diversity of opinion

xoxo, Andrinique

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New York Fashion Week 2018- My Favorites | Forty Plus Ten


New York Fashion Week 2018- My Favorites | Forty Plus Ten

 NYFW  is here again, insert cheers !  New York Fashion Week Fall Winter  is my favorite time of year as well as my  favorite season.

So here I am again, glued to my laptop with the NYFW schedule on my calendar. All to ensure that I know when my favorite designers are showing, including when and where. The outfits and the inspiration are all so exciting for this fashionista. I look forward to the day I am sitting Front Row with all my favorite fashion bloggers and industry elite.



Here are a few of my favorites. I have all ready seen a few shows and will be doing a full NYFW blog post this time next week. In the meantime, take at NYFW SS 2017.





These are my top three favorite designers and I am so excited to see what creative genius they all have come up with for fall 2018. Cushnieeetochs is a for sure crowd pleaser as is Cinq a Sept. The creativity that goes into designing these RTW pieces and the genius that goes into producing these shows is mind-blowing. All I can say is,” O M G ” and “one of each please”.  I have promised myself that I will own at less one  piece from each line by the end of 2018.  Or, and entire outfit from one!

Front Row Goals

It has been a dream of mine to sit front row at my favorite shows this time next year! I will for sure me sitting at one this coming NYFW SS2019.  #goals


Be on the look out for my complete recap of the entire season at the end of NYFW. I will point out the trends, and the must haves for fall 2018. I will also, highlight the you can pass pieces just for equal and good measure.  Stay tune and come back next Thursday ! Be in the KNOW.

Be Inspired, Andrinique

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Bloggers Travel Guide- My Bucket List

Hi Friends,

Bloggers Travel Guide-  My Bucket list

My travel bucket list- I have always love to travel, especially internationally. But, there are so many places I have yet to visit.  Most people know that Paris is my favorite city hands down and London is a strong second.  My travel bucket list for 2018 and 2019 are Dubai, Norway, Sydney and Thailand.

Paris, France

Paris, France the EPI center for art, fashion, and culture. Its 19th-century cityscape is crisscrossed by wide boulevards and the River Seine. Then of course there is the Eiffel Tower and the 12th-century, Gothic Notre-Dame cathedral. Paris is also known for its cafe culture and designer boutiques along the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. Twice a year my favorite city host PARIS FASHION WEEK, which is a goal of mine to attend within the next 2 years. #goals.

Paris- France

London, England

Well, first off, I am obsessed with all things British. One may think I was a brit myself, but, I don’t believe I am,lol!  London, the capital of England and the United Kingdom, is a 21st-century city with history stretching back to Roman times. At its centre stand the imposing Houses of Parliament, the iconic ‘Big Ben’ clock tower and Westminster Abbey, site of British monarch coronations. I love everything about London, especially the history and secrets of the monarch 😉



My travel bucket list

1.Dubai– a city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates known for luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture and a lively nightlife scene. Burj Khalifa, an 830mil-tall tower, dominates the skyscraper-filled skyline.

2.Norway a Scandinavian country surrounding by mountains, glaciers and deep coastal fjords. Oslo, the capital, is a city of green spaces and museums.  Bergen, with colorful wooden houses, is the starting point for cruises to the dramatic Sognefjord. Now, Norway is a place were I do actually have roots. Per my ancestry DNA test and my father’s account, I have 3rd generation cousins in Norway. Hence, the reason Norway is on my bucket list. I would love to find and connect with my long-lost relatives. How cool, an adventure that would be?!

3.Sydney, capital of New South Wales and one of Australia’s largest cities, is best known for its harbour front Sydney Opera House, with a distinctive sail-like design. This Opera house is so grand and magnificent, I just have to visit. In  general, Australia is a beautiful country, and I would like to also visit Melbourne and the ivory coast, which all are breath taking.





Thailand is a Southeast Asian country. Known for tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins and temples displaying figures of Buddha. Bangkok, the capital, filled with communities of  iconic temples of Wat Arun, Wat Pho and the Emerald Buddha Temple. Thailand for me  just invokes a feeling a peace and connection to the universe.


Dream BIG, Dream OFTEN!

Here you have my bloggers travel guide- bucket list. I have these cities on my vision and goals and will visit these amazing places within the next 2 years. Norway will be my first stop and maybe in time to see the Northern Lights. ( another goal ). If you are not following me on instagram, please do, so you don’t miss and of my travel vlogs. Do you have a bucket list? Please share, I would like to see what travel locations lay in the hearts of my readers.


xoxo, Andrinique

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Blogger Discrimination ~ More Diversity

Hello Friends,

Blogger Discrimination~ More Diversity


” What I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have”- Oprah

Those few words of inspiration cause a group of fashion bloggers to use their voices and speak up against the blatant discrimination against fashion brands such as Revolve .  ‘Blogger discrimination’ towards  women of color, plus size and women over forty.

More Diversity Please

Online fashion brand,  Revolve was blasted last week after posting photos of their most recent international trip. The same fashion bloggers that get invited to all their events year after year were in attendance.  So, what’s wrong with this you ask? Let me break it down for you.  As they, Revolve began posting pics of their trip to Thailand, it was clearly obvious that there were NO woman of color, curvy women, or women over 40, included on this trip per usual.




No hate or shade, just facts!

This brand is known for taking lavish trips, hosting annual summer Hampton parties and inviting the same group of bloggers year after year. They even created their own award ceremony naming top bloggers in specific categories within the digital arena. None of which were woc, curvy or over forty. They’ve also been known for hiring popular black rappers to headline these events !


Bloggers UNITY we will not be silent

Blogger Valerie Eguavoen from On a Curve  spoke UP and called the brand out on this non-inclusive behavior. Instagram’s WOC jumped in to voice their feelings on the blatant discrimination from this brand and so many others. One blogger, who was photographed with the Revolve crew respond to the question as to WHY woc are clearly and regularly left out of these trips and events.

Aimee Song of @Songofstyle replied stating that maybe, WOC where not invited to Revolve events because either these bloggers don’t exist therefore cannot be included or they simply are not big enough influencers.  Meaning, if they do not have millions of followers they are not relevent and that brands don’t know who there are.. What the f kinda bullshit is that?  There are HUNDREDS of WOC bloggers on the gram who hold down very impressive number. So, that was complete bullshit, she should have remained silent like the rest of her crew.


My Open letter to Brands

Dear Brands,

I shop your brand, work hard for my money and spend it in your store and on your ecom site. Women of color and over forty actually have more disposable income then your 30 something friends. We represent the largest group of women in the country. I am over forty, fashionable, and wear on trend clothing. Your continued disregard of me will force me to spend my dollars with brands who don’t disrespect me and an entire group of women.


Check the stats

Did you know that women of color spend more money on hair care and beauty products than any other group of women in the country? Research it, you will see ! Thing is you’re a smart and successful brand, you already know this. What you don’t know is, I will not stop speaking on this topic of discrimination until one of two things happen. 1. You re-think and change your social media strategy to become inclusive of all women irregardless of the skin color, body shape or age.  2. You loss business and go under.

Seems harsh yes, but the days are not today when you get to take my money and disrespect me all at the same time. The days of racism may try to stay present and JIM CROW may be trying to make a come back, but it won’t happen as long as I have a VOICE. Your behavior is the exact reason why I created this blog to represent WOC color over forty. You might as well add a special label on your product that reads ” for 30-year-old whites or very light-skinned women” Because it would match your social media branding. Shame on you Revolve and brands alike !


New to the Game

I’m new at this blogger game and only have a few thousand followers. But, my followers have money to spend just like I do. They value and appreciate my product reviews and go out and buy brands I say I love. So, trust and believe, I have a VOICE and I am influencing.  The day will come when I will have millions of followers and ‘We’ won’t be buying what you’re selling ! I would  love to call out all the brands that are not even kind enough to reply to and email I’ve sent, or comment on the 10th flat lay I have posted sharing my love for your product. No harm no foul tho, good to know who is who.

Too all the brands that have reach out, reposted a photo of mine,  liked or commented on my page. Those who have collaborated with me, thank you for being a legit brand create amazing products for us ALL !



Check yourself before you wreak yourself

Oh, and to too all you bloggers out there apart of this problem intentionally or by quite mouth association. Remember when you only had a few hundred followers?  You know back when Instagram was a fad that no one knew would become this powerful shopping/sales driver. We followed you because we were digging your style, and your feed and we trusted you. Yea, BYE!


Keep your freebies

What I am most upset about is the lack of diversity within certain brands and how seemly acceptable this all is. Especially, as it relates to partnerships, collaborations and opportunities for bloggers like me.  And, when I say ” partnerships,” I don’t mean being sent FREE products! We are amazing content creators and creatives. We are beautiful and, we look dope in just about anything we put on our shapely dark bodies. So, paid us in good old American dollars and keep the free products for holiday gift baskets !

xoxo, Andrinique