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7 step guide to writing your Vision and Goals

Happy New Year Friends,


7 step guide to writing your ‘Vision and Goals’

I hope you all had a super, fantastic holiday season! Well, it’s a new year, and many of us making resolutions and setting intentions for the new year 2018.  I have put together this comprehensive ‘ 7 step guide to writing your vision and goals’.

While it is good to set intentions for living your best life, the part people get tripped up on is how to actually do that.  I am here to tell you it goes far beyond writing down goals and making fancy vision boards, though that is a wonderful start. But, there is more to it than that. I mean, if it were that simple, we would all be living our best lives, right?  And, I mean best life, living to our fullest potential.

That is what we all strife for but, miss the mark on sometimes.  For example, when the career is on point, the love life may be lagging, suffering or flat-out non-existent, or your health or your family life is not so good !  Nothing is 100% the best all the time.  But wait there’s more.. YOU are in control and the co-creator of your destiny aka life ! How about we take that on for kicks and giggles..

A quick little back ground on how I became the Vision and Goals girl.

I have always been a motivator and someone who inspires others.  My friends will all tell you. If you’re feeling like you cannot do a single thing and feel like and may even believe that your dreams will remain just that dreams, and your goals just far-fetched wishes, you need to chat with Andrinique.

I have always had this part of me that believes in people, even when I don’t always believe in myself, I know someone else can achieve anything they desire. So, when friends, family, clients and sometimes even random strangers un- knowningly or knowingly engage me in a conversation about something they want or something they want to do..  instantly I become their biggest fan, advocate, helper, supporter, connector you name it, I’m all over it.

Additional, I  have lead group vision and goals sessions with different lululemon teams, local yoga studios as well as private 1×1’s with people.


My goals

One of my goals is to start a vision and goals consulting business as an extension of my blog Fortyplusten. My target clients will be women forty and over and young girls 12 to 16. Why such a specific demographic your ask? Well, women over forty tend to focus so much on their families they forget their dreams and goals as they are so laser focused on having a happy family and raising happy, smart and productive children. When they do remember they had their own dreams, there is dust all over them and sometime at that point they sometimes lack the confidence or know how when it comes to making their dreams their reality.

We know all to well that young girls can go all the way left ( the not good side ) between the ages of 12 and 16..  the struggles of being a girl in this world at that age…whew !  That’s is an entirely different blog topic. That is why  I chose this demographic. But, because I and the DREAM catcher, I will most like always be the Vision and Goals girl to the masses.

a-goal-without- a -plan- is -a wish

  7 steps to writing your vision and goals.

  1. GET clear – On what you want, not on what you DON’T want. Ever notice that when you ask someone a question about what they want the first thing they do is tell you what the DON’T want, as if that was the question. ex: What type of man would you like to marry? (answer) Well, I DON’T want a lazy man with no ambition ! or, What do you want to do this weekend?  ( answer) I DONT’ want to just lay around the house.  GET IT,  write down what you DO want.. and if the DON’T’s keep showing up.. try this.. DRAW a BIG circle on a piece of paper and start writing what you want inside of the circle.. when a DON’T shows up, write it outside of the circle. That way you acknowledge it and the energy it brings and set it aside.  After your done, were only going with the DO’s and throwing away the DON’T’s.
  2. VISUALIZE- Your life, you know that BEST life we were talking about.. This could look like you laying down with your eyes close or sitting in your favorite corner of your home or at a park or beach, whatever. If you think visualization is some hard yogi thing, think of this activity like day dreaming, only when you’re done, you write it down. The day-dream has to come from a place of already..not maybe or what if. So, when you write it down it’s in the present time not in the future. When you’re  visualizing pay attention to the following: where are you? who’s around? what sounds do you hear? what smells fill the air ?
  3. WRITE IT DOWN– All of it, in the present tense..The sentences should start with  I AM ! this is KEY. Think of it as if  you’re writing the story of your life for someone interested in knowing what your life is like currently.
  4. BREAK IT DOWN– We need balance in our lives right, you hear it every day,every where, from everyone.. ” YOU NEED BALANCE “ ( in that nagging but true voice of a friend or parent ) Well it’s true, we all need our lives to be balanced. So, it make sense that we have to have goals for the 3 most important aspects of our life.  Our personal life, our career and our health. In your day-dream there was personal ( family, friends etc ) career ( what you want that to be or look like ) I doe no, maybe you want to be president 🙂 and your health..because if our body and health is jacked were F’d. In the writing down part, each of these need their own section.
  5. ACTION steps- you can write pie in the sky goals all day long but, if you don’t have measurable action steps that shit gonna just be a story on paper. How do you plan on making this shit happen? Be real because it’s your life and no one has the answers to your life except you and the universe. ( GOD ) Don’t be discouraged if you don’t know HOW on some things.. But, now it’s written down and you now no what you don’t know.. and now, you can ASK for HELP ! Seek out people in your life who do know or knows someone who knows, get a mentor or my favorite an ACCOUNTABILITY buddy.. this accountability buddy should be there for support but, most importantly, they won’t let you get off by saying ” I DON’T KNOW HOW” or I CAN’T cuz that’s bullshit. You know why? Because,  it’s was your vision to begin with. No one force that dream on you ! so be real..
  6. SET DATES- Give yourself realistic dates to make your goals attainable. You aint gonna be the president by this time next year #justsayin. You know what you are capable of better than anyone so set real dates. Maybe break your 2018 goals into 4 quarters, maybe some goals need a few years ( don’t get crazy tho ). I do my goals in quarters 🙂 and, if you don’t meet a date deadline ask yourself these questions ASAP; wtf happen? ( is the answer legit or is it any excuse ) do you really want whatever it was? ( shit happens, maybe you woke one morning an realize that goal was planted in your head by a parent or society) if you’re trying your best and IT just hasn’t happen yet, cool, MOVE the date a few months.. If you miss it again, you gotta go deep and figure that shit out, love. Do not, I REPEAT, DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP ! cause that’s not helpful !!
  7. VISION BOARD– Create a vision board and use photos that look like the life you VISIONED ! Post it somewhere you can see it everyday, and several times a day. And, when you walk past it stop and remember how you felt when your eyes were close and you were in your vision.. the feelings of happiest and all that ENERGY you had during your vision exercise is super important. You want to tune into that energy every time you look at your vision board and day dream about living your BEST life. Energy is like a radio frequency, it has a HIGH and CLEAR frequency and a  staticE  low one…stay on the the high one!

And wala, your living your best life.. Enjoy your creation!

xoxo, Andrinique


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