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A smoothie for curly hair- my hair care routine

Hello Friends

I’m saying hello friends now instead of ” Hi Ladies” because according to my google analytics,  men are making up 30% of my readers ..WHAT ?!! OK!  Dudes welcome 🙂

I haven’t posted a current hair products blog in a while, and since I am using different products, I figured I would. As we all know, our hair, skin and body for that matter adapts to a regular routine and are not as effective over time. I began to notice that my hair was no longer doing well with the DevaCurl line. I mean in all fairness, I had been using ALL DevaCurl products for 6 straight months. My hair stop responding to the products.. I starting see more frizz, my hair was  dry and I only had about 70% definition. NO BUENO !

So, I reached into my hair care bin ( literally ) and pulled out some Design Essentials, some Curls BlueBerry Bliss, and one DevaCurl product that my hair initially didn’t like. Shea-Moisture-curl-enhancing-smoothie

Of course, if you know me, the more organic the line brand, the better. Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, Curls BlueBerry Bliss and HairRX  are all 100% natural, Deva Curl  B’leave in, though it is sulfate, paraben and silicone free, still has toxic fragrances in it.  On the Think Dirty app, with 10 being the worst, this product is a 9 ..YIKES !  The Think Dirty app tells you how toxic the ingredients are that you’re using, and how they affect your system. I only use a dime size, rubbed into my palms to scrunched into the very ends of my hair. Design Essential is a 9 also, I only use it twice a month. I have to find another shampoo ! I wash my hair every 5 days and don’t add any additional products in it between washes. Here’s my how- to:

  1. Pre-poo with HairRX  day before I wash to detangle and add as much moisture as possible.  I massage into my head and section my hair into twist, and then I cover my head before I go to bed.
  2. Wash my hair focusing on the scalp while  l avoid piling my hair onto of my head.
  3. Once a week I deep condition my hair. I tend to use a different non toxic DC every week to try out different brands. I sometimes mix deep conditioners and I make sure there is a good mix of protein free and protein based products.. too much protein is no no for my hair. #proteinoverload. I then add some essential oils to the mix.. I like lavender, tea tree and peppermint 🙂
  4. Rinse the DC out after 20 -30 mins, and add a leave in- Curls blueberry Bliss Reparative leave in
  5. On soaking wet hair, I apply Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing smoothie in sections, ( I have a lot of HAIR ) But, I only need to use a quarter size per section. ( 6 sections in total )
  6. Scrunch in some B’ leave in for extra hold, and wala !

At night, I place my hair on top of my head in a pineapple and sleep on a stain pillow case.

That’s how I manage my big curl fro !












Curly-hair-froHope this was helpful to all the curly girls out there 🙂

xoxo, Andrinique


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