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When Harry Met Meghan- The Royal Wedding


When Harry Met Meghan- The Royal Wedding

The world woke up to beautiful images and videos of the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.  When Harry met Meghan- The Royal Wedding.  This blog is going to be photo highlights of the Royal Wedding that took place on Saturday  May 19th, 2018.


I am so HAPPY that Harry & Meghan had the wedding they desired. They stayed true to their vision and lifestyle while respecting British Royal Family tradition. It was not a cookie cutter version of royal weddings of the past including Princess Diana & Charles and William & Kate’s. Though those Royal weddings were incredible ! But, this wedding was ALL  HARRY & MEGHAN, and it was delightful !

I loved how they were intentional with sprinkling elements/ memories of Harry’s mother Princess Diana throughout the affair. From selecting diamonds from his mothers jewelry to incorporate into Meghan’s engagement ring, to Meghan wearing his mothers Aquamarine ring to the reception. I am positive that Princess Diana is beyond happy and proud of Prince Harry’s selection of the woman he chose to be his wife.


This Royal Wedding was like NO other.. the presence of diversity was incredibly thoughtful. Meghan and Harry ensured that elements of Meghan’s background was represented in all aspects of their nuptials. As we know, Meghan the Duchess of Sussex is of bi-racial descent. Her mother Doria Ragland a Yoga instructor is African-American and her father is Dutch-Irish. Rachel Meghan Markle was born and raised in Woodland Hills CA,

meghan-and-harrymeghan-and -harry-first-walkmeghan-happy-bride

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex

meghan-and-harry-the-duke-and duchess- of- sussex

Meghan’s wedding gown was custom designed to match her elegant and sophisticated style. Her dress was designed by  Clare Waight Keller  of the house of GIVENCHY.


The Royal Wedding cake was again a break from the traditional Fruit Cake. Instead, the cake was created by LA born and current London transplant  ClairePtak of Violet Cakes.

The confection consists of tiers of lemon sponge cake drizzled with elderflower syrup and topped with an Amalfi lemon curd. The wedding cake was coated with a Swiss meringue buttercream and infused with elderflowers and adorned with  150 fresh flowers, including peonies and roses.

Meghan-and harry-off-too-the-reception

Outfit change– Meghan reception dress was another understated, and yet elegant dress designed by  Stella McCartney

Meghan and Harry The Duck and Duchess of Sussex wedding was a true reflection of who they are, and I have a feeling the brits are looking at a new and updated Monarchy coming soon! We already have Prince William & Kate, so get ready for a fresh, new and modern royal family!

SIDE NOTE- I know, WHERE have I been ?! I have been reflecting on what it means to ” Live your BEST Life”… And asking myself, If I am REALLY Living mine. Stay tune Blog coming.

xoxo, Andrinique

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New York Fashion Week: Lack Of Diversity Called out

rachael zoe lack of diversity at new york fashion week

Rachel Zoe’s line up is shameful!

New York Fashion Week: Lack of Diversity Called out

New York fashion week as been a favorite of mine since, I was a young girl. As it turns out, my attention is  distracted by the non-inclusion of women of color and women over forty.  So, this blog is not my fashion recap as promised. Instead it’s a New York Fashion Week: Lack of Diversity Called out.

The fashion industry as a whole from company branding, designers, editors, photographer,  are excluding an entire group of women. Why am I/we, women of color over forty not included? Are we not really not relevant in their eyes? Hiring WOC  as a part of a “quota” aka affirmative action so as not to be call attention to their blatant discrimination is not what we are looking for. This SHOULD NOT be the reason why someone likes me shows up on a runway, or is featured in an ad campaign or has a collection shown during NYFW, or is highlighted in a fashion publication under the ” STREET STYLE section or is seated front row.  WTH ?

My personal experience

My career and background of 20+ years has been in Human Resources primarily in retail fashion. I have been the one pushing hiring managers to hire qualified talent for just that, their talent. There were times, I was told “no” on a candidate of color for no other reason than the color of their skin.  They then move forward on a less qualified  person who looks more like a “fit”.  For example,I have had to take it upon myself to provide “tips” to my WOC candidate during the interview process on how to wear her hair ie not NATURAL so she can land the job. Because, I knew she would not get the job otherwise.  My point is racism “IS A “thing and I won’t tolerate it.

Times are changing; get it together people

Times are changing and silence is not an option. You can be apart of the problem or you can be apart of the solution. I chose the latter. If you have read my ‘about me ‘ section on my blog, you will see what my intention and motivation for creating @fortyplusten was from the onset. So, I will continue to speak on this topic as long as I feel this way. I will represent women like me, woc of color as long as this is an issue.

As long as I am not seeing more women who look like me in the role of fashion editor or stylist or ad feature or highlighted in fashion publications, I will continue to speak out ! Oh, I don’t mean the hand full (one hand ) of amazing women currently holding down these spots as apart of some quota or affirmative action bullshit. I mean when the representation is FAIR and above all EQUAL across the board!

Women with voices using their platforms for GOOD!

Here are  two women of color amongst many who are using their platforms to shine a light on this discrimination.

New York Fashion Week: Five Women Of Color Who Should Be On Your Radar  by Lauren Wesley Wilson founder of Color Comm

Street Style Is Killing Itself With Its Narrow Focus on Thin White Women   by Lindsay Peoples fashion editor at The Cut

These women have written powerful and thought-provoking articles this past week.

Definition of diversity

plural diversities

1: the condition of having or being composed of differing elements : varietyespecially : the inclusion of different types of people (such as people of different races or cultures) in a group or organization 

  • programs intended to promote diversity in schools

2: an instance of being composed of differing elements or qualities : an instance of being diverse 

  • diversity of opinion

xoxo, Andrinique

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New York Fashion Week 2018- My Favorites | Forty Plus Ten


New York Fashion Week 2018- My Favorites | Forty Plus Ten

 NYFW  is here again, insert cheers !  New York Fashion Week Fall Winter  is my favorite time of year as well as my  favorite season.

So here I am again, glued to my laptop with the NYFW schedule on my calendar. All to ensure that I know when my favorite designers are showing, including when and where. The outfits and the inspiration are all so exciting for this fashionista. I look forward to the day I am sitting Front Row with all my favorite fashion bloggers and industry elite.



Here are a few of my favorites. I have all ready seen a few shows and will be doing a full NYFW blog post this time next week. In the meantime, take at NYFW SS 2017.





These are my top three favorite designers and I am so excited to see what creative genius they all have come up with for fall 2018. Cushnieeetochs is a for sure crowd pleaser as is Cinq a Sept. The creativity that goes into designing these RTW pieces and the genius that goes into producing these shows is mind-blowing. All I can say is,” O M G ” and “one of each please”.  I have promised myself that I will own at less one  piece from each line by the end of 2018.  Or, and entire outfit from one!

Front Row Goals

It has been a dream of mine to sit front row at my favorite shows this time next year! I will for sure me sitting at one this coming NYFW SS2019.  #goals


Be on the look out for my complete recap of the entire season at the end of NYFW. I will point out the trends, and the must haves for fall 2018. I will also, highlight the you can pass pieces just for equal and good measure.  Stay tune and come back next Thursday ! Be in the KNOW.

Be Inspired, Andrinique

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Winter Coat Styling-what’s trending

Hi Friends,

Winter Coat Styling- Here are my favorites

 Winter has arrive ! I have been so craze busy getting situated back in NYC. I forgot how much of a BEAST it is to find an apartment in NYC is ! Anyway, Let’s talk ‘ Winter Coat Styling’. First, I’m obsessed with anything  Shearling, Cashmere or Down (with faux fur ). My favorites have always been a stylish mid-length down jacket with a huge hooded fur collar and, a maxi length cashmere wrap coat. And, as I was writing this, I actually just realized that all of my down, puffer and cashmere coats are chocolate-brown lol !

The Trends

However, the biggest trend this season are puffer jackets & coats. I love me a puffer! I have two, a long one to cover my but in the freezing cold and a waist length one, both are chocolate brown. Puffer coats and jackets may look big and bulking but, you will be  warm and toasty that’s for sure.  I found a selection of new styles that I am loving and have posted them below for you. There is something for everyone. FYI,this is not a sponsor blog post, these are just a few styles and brands that I am really digging for winter 2017.. especially Cinzia Rocca which has been my go to for cashmere and wool coats since 2014! And, my newest fav for a great down coat is  Mackage !

winter coat styling

Asos– Longline Puffer Coat


winter coat styling

Mang0- Shearling Lined Coat

winter-coat styling

Shopbop  AYR- The Robe Coat



  MackageKerry Winter Down Coat 

My all time favorite, Cinzia Rocca ( the feature pic ) I have a coat similar to this one, except mine is longer and the collar is more shawl -like in Chocolate Brown color and I LOVE it!

I would love to know what are some of your winter coat favorites, leave a comment here. As I have written this I think I need a black moto style shearling jacket 🙂

xoxo, Andrinique

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Paris Fashion Week~ Chasing Water Falls

Hi Ladies,

Fashion month is over, and I am wondering why so many bloggers are celebrating, when I am over here counting till winter 2018 fashion week.

Anyway, I was beyond impressed with this season shows. The creativity and the imagination was exceptional! The YSL show was held under the stars with a backdrop of twinkling lights from the Eiffel Tower. The  Chanel show last season was already incredible, and when you thought they could not be more creative, they were ! The Chanel SS18 was held again at the Grand Palais, but this time there were water falls !  chanel-ss-18-water-fall

I mean the shows locations and stage designs were simply breath-taking ! Spring 2018 is going to be colorful and playful ! But, the handbags are what really caught my eye.. Not to say, I would not LOVE the new Chanel boots or the frilly YSL ones or even one of those LV jackets.. I mean, just saying 🙂 My obsession for handbags tho is on a whole other level ! I am not one to change my bag per outfit necessarily, but that maybe changing as there are at least 5 new bags I absolutely need in my life.

















And YSL!!! one word, SPEECHLESS.. The Futuristic designs, the  sparkle, the earrings, the BOOTS..  #ICANT


Louis Vuitton  opened the MOST beautiful store and topped it off by hosting their show in an under ground cave at the Louvre.  The brocade jackets and sneakers…Wait WHAT ! Genius.. Oh, and if you haven’t heard the LV show has been called the runway show of the season ! Amazing job to the LV team lead by the ingenious vision of Nicolas Ghesquiere !


These designers are KILLIN it ! Not surprised as these have been my all time favorites.. However, floored non the less.

xoxo, Andrinique


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NYFW SS18- Forty Plus Ten highlights

Hello Ladies,

NY Fashion WEEK was beyond amazing ! First let me say,  I have always had my all time favorite designers like Carolina Herrera, Oscar De La Renta, DVF, Vera Wang and  DKYN. But, this NYFW, I have brand new favorites to add to my list. And, once your on my favorite designer list, it’s a LONG time relationship. I’m a true ride or die customer. loyalty, loyalty, loyalty ! 🙂 So, let’s get right into it.  ( this are all of my faves ) But, there were sooo many others I loved… had I included everyone, this would have turned into a blog story as oppose to a blog review, and ain’t nobody got time for that. 




Cinq a Sept– I want the entire #ss18 collection, seriously

I am so obsessed with this designer, I had to send them a message right after the show, telling them just how obsessed I was !  Are you seeing the wide pant legs and the white booties ( watch the white bootie as it blows up ! ) It’s like feminine meets masculine…To top it off, the presentation was on the beautiful rooftop of The Beekman Hotel #gorgeous


Zimmerman– in love with designer since I first saw their collection last year- the white pant suit and the off the shoulder mini is BEYOND ! This collection is perfect for summer time street wear and vacay.. check out the first row of the group photo 🙂  ps.. fanny bags are back !


Ulla Johnson– feminine, romantic and soft.. total garden vibes


Are you seeing these booties and this bag #everything !


And last, but not least Tom Ford ! I’ve always been a fan, but THIS collection has me totally re-invested…Pink, Mauve + Gigi Hadid and Joan Smalls.


FW is like fashion holidays for me.. all the new designs, the up and coming talent, the trends..  I can literally attend and watch fashion shows and presentations ALL day every day.

We also saw some creative genius out in these streets.. Alexander Wang did his fashion show on the streets of Brooklyn, literally. Teyana Taylor perform at the Philipp Plien show and ended up getting hire to walk two shows GCDS and The Blonds…This girl who rose to fame after starring in Kanye West’s FAME video last year with that KILLER bod of her’s.

Spring Summer 2018 will showcase, strong shoulders, bold colors, statement earrings and shoes.. lot’s of pastels too !

So, there you have it my FAVES for #NYFW SS18. Next up London babe !

xoxo, Andrinique


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Forty Plus Ten – Fall Fashion Edit- Top 5

Hey Ladies,

You guys don’t know this but, I AM obsessed with Fashion Week !! I mean, it’s so crazy, I have to remind myself to eat and make myself go to sleep.  I have been in love with fashion since I was a little girl.  And, have been watching the big season fashion shows since the very first Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.. Can’t even remember when that was. I’m sure there were some other big fashion shows before MBFW that I was watching. ( remember the style network on cable ) Needless to say, this will be my life for the next month ! New York, London, Paris, and Milan.

Anyway, I wanted to write a quick blog on my top must haves for fall 2017 ! Now, I know some of these may be #goals, just like sitting front row at my favorite shows. However, once I put my mind to something, it’s a done deal !  I’m not called the Vision & Goals Queen for nothing. I MAKE things happen ! I have no secrets, I just stay positive, stay grateful, stay focused and at all costs avoid negative situations and people.. oh, and HATERS, avoid them too.. that’s all.

Ok, so top faves/must haves or at best, really wants 🙂

Simple things that can be wore with everything currently in your closet. Boots, Handbags, and one good pair of Sunnies. 





Jimmy Choo Lace up



Alexander Wang  Tidal Sandal




proenza-schouler-curl-shoulder- bag

Proenza Schouler Curl Shoulder



Chloe  Nile Bracelet




roberi-and- fraud--doris-2.0

Roberi & Fraud  Doris 2.0







And a pair of chunky boots never goes un noticed……  Louis Vuitton


So, yes LOVE these,  Jimmy, Chloe and Roberi Fraud are for sure moving into my closet.. There friends are goals and maybe some inspo and, the LV’s can be a birthday gift!  Which are your faves or must haves ?


Stay tune for my #nyfw wrap up next wednesday  🙂

xoxo, Andrinique





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Chrissy Teigen for A.L.C. on duty & Intermix

Hello Ladies,

So, a new celebrity and fashion brand collaboration has been born ! Chrissy Teigen and Andrea Lieberman founder of A.L.C_ltd. The collaboration will be sold exclusively at Intermix , and this should be a fantastic one.  I say this because, I find a lot of celebrity and brand collaborations to be more forced business ventures, something  to drive sales and create buzz.. Either the celebrity needs buzz / pr for their career or the brand does. In this case, I have to say, the collab between Chrissy TeigenA.L.C_ltd and Intermix  seems pretty organic and legit.


The collection represents the way the modern woman wants to dress says Andrea Lieberman, founder and Creative Director of A.L.C_ltd  x On DUTY collection. She goes on to say ” In the spirit of always wanting to look and feel our best, we went on a mission to design clothing that was casual, fit seamlessly into our wardrobes and answered all of the needs of our busy lives”.  At the launch party last night at in LA, it was clear that there is a strong friendship between Chrissy and Andrea. I believe that is a key ingredient to any successful collaboration.

One thing that Chrissy hit on in this video was how the line is so interchangeable from east coast to west coast. I find that very insightful, because there is a definite difference in fashion style between NYC and LA. I am born and braised in NYC and have live in LA back and forth for 15 years. I to have found myself struggling with this very thing Chrissy mentions. And so, I end up having two wardrobes East and West coasts. The struggle may be over, because I thing I’ve found the solution in A.L.C_ltd and the ON DUTY collection.  Here are a few pieces for the line that I love!



What ar your favorite pieces?

until next time, Andrinique


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Is the Fedora BACK ?!

Hello Ladies,

Well, apparently Yes ! Says Maria Grazia Chiuri, artistic director for Christian Dior. The historic Fedora marched down the runway at the Dior Couture show in Paris this past July. Word on the streets is that it’s the accessory that never dies LOL !

I actually really like the Fedora.. It’s were masculine meets feminine in a strong, chic and sexy kinda way. It’s a POWER piece ! Believe me when I say, I would pull this big curly fro back and throw on a Fedora in a heart beat. I’d style it with a oversized wool blazer, a crisp white shirt, a pair of boyfriend jeans and Gucci  flats,( the fur ones ) and a BIG ole comfy, but thick scarf. ( I’m thinking it’s a cold, wintery day)   Second look could be, a boot length, wool a- line skirt and a pair of Stuart Weitzman  riding boots, and BAM … rocking the Fedora like a BOSS ! Can you picture it ? Dior Fedoradior-aw2017-fedoraWho would try a Fedora this Fall/Winter ? Raise your comment below 🙂

xoxo, Andrinique


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