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You had me at Soulcycle- My favorite Cardio

Hello Ladies,

I confess, I fell off the workout wagon again ! It’s so bizarre, because I am always off  falling off one wagon or another. If I am focused on my yoga practice, then I cannot workout or do any cardio. It’s like I am cheating  on one if I am doing the other.. WTH?  I mean, my yoga practice is not a form of working out for me, so what is the problem? Anyone else get stuck in this kind of back and forth, or is it just me?  Why can’t I practice my yoga daily and hit the gym or studio also???




Anyway,  outside of my yoga, I am either weight training  at a gym or getting my cardio on at a studio like Soul Cycle or Orange Theory .  Soul Cycle by far is my absolute favorite!!  When they turn the lights off and the music up,  I zone all the way out and go all the way in. It’s like a form of meditation for me, and I’m obsessed ! 60 to 90 mins later, I’ve burn no less that 8oo calories and I’m drenched in sweat.. SOOO good ! Yea, the classes are pricey, but whatever. If the instructor is on the job, with a greater intention for her riders and the playlist is on point, it’s gonna be an amazing ride ! Any soul riders relating here ?


until next time

xoxo, Andrinique

Yoga, Yoga

On My Mat- my yoga journey

Hi Ladies,

Welcome back to my blog ! If your reading my blog for the first time, Hi!

Most of you probably don’t know that I am a RYT 200hr yoga teacher. I completed my yoga teacher training at Dancing Dogs Yoga in Savannah, GA, which is Baptiste  style yoga. It’s hot yoga, but not Bikram hot yoga. It was life changing to say the least.

A lot of people think of yoga as a  fitness routine, a sorta toning and firming your body type of work out. And, for a lot it is, nothing wrong with that..  But, for a huge group of people such as myself ( yogi’s ), it’s a heart and soul workout. It’s a workout to get in touch with the REAL you, the authentic YOU!  Once I step onto my mat, it’s like I am transported to another plane…. I turn inward almost automatically. I am no longer aware of those around me, and I am for sure not interested in who is in the best pose. In ytt ( yoga teacher training ) we practiced working on OURSELVES and evaluated how we show up in the world. The question that was raised daily through my practice, was who are you? why are you? It was a DEEP and scary question, because I was for sure at that time that I did NOT  know the answer. Who TF was I really?? I would find out 220 hrs later the real deal .. It wasn’t pretty, I am mean really, I was crying in class damn near everyday. YIKES! What vail had I been hiding behind for over 30 years? And why ??  Don’t worry, I found out, and the vail has been lifted 🙂

yoga-on- the-ocean

It was never really a goal of mine to become a yoga teacher as much as it was me using yoga to trying to figure out who I was. It was like something was pulling me toward internal inquiry. I was always empathic and very VERY in tune with energy, mine and those around me, and the energetic pull became stronger and stronger.  Until, one day I ended up in ytt in a city I had never even visited before.  (thank you Shelly )  You see, I was a meditator long before I became a yogi. My meditation practice guided me to my mat.

So, now when people find out that I am a yoga teacher the first thing they ask is why don’t I teach?  Well, I’m not right now, but maybe I will one day !  Until then, I hang out on my mat at Yoga Works, Core Power, or DDY whenever I’m in Savannah or Atlanta. My practice can be very messy at times and other times not..When it’s not, I say to myself something is off, because I am not perfect, so WTH? The messy practice is the real practice. Being on my mat keeps me real with myself and in turn, I show up real in the world. And for me, that is the point of me and my mat.  Yoga is soul food and if you haven’t had any, you should. You won’t know what you’ve been missing until you try it 🙂

I’m still digitally influencing, and keeping it real with you !

Thanks for hanging out with me, Andrinique

Workouts, Yoga

Fitness Goals

Hi Ladies,

I fell off the workout wagon three months ago, there I admit it LOL ! Seriously tho, I find when my life starts to get outta balance all of my lifestyle routines suffer. I stop working out, I don’t get enough sleep and I start eating really bad.  Not to mention, having to go to a job I really didn’t enjoy. Welp, I don’t work at that job anymore and I’m BACK !

My favorite forms of working out are; weight training and running ( 5k or 10k’s only and it has to be in a tutu) I sometimes do bootcamp style workouts or orange theory. I really want to get into cross fit. I tried it once and was almost through it, when the last round of burpee’s  got me. I had a full on melt down when I couldn’t complete the last set and began hysterically crying. I never went back, LOL. I think I’ll be ok this time, I’m going back ! Bottom line is, I always want my body to be strong. So, not working out really isn’t an option.

Oh, and I have gained some weight during this  un-scheduled break.. So, who wants to join me back on the workout wagon ?  Who has a few pounds to shed and wants an accountability partner?  Who’s with me ?

we got this, Andrinique

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