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How to pack like a PRO ! using packing cubes- Ezpacking

Hi Friends,

How to pack like a PRO Using Packing Cubes

I know, where have I been? It was my birthday last week and I had a blast.  Also, Jupiter the planet of abundance is in my sign,  “Scorpio ” for the next 13 months. What does all this have to do with packing you ask, everything. You see, I have relocated back to NYC  #home! Work and family has had me living between NY and LA for the last 12 years.  The journey has been full of growth, amazing opportunities and challenges all at the same time. I am now ready to ground down and root myself in the city that is my home, where I was born and braised 🙂  So, many opportunities have presented themselves to me once I made the decision to stop the back and forth and root down in one place.  So, the planets and stars are aligned and, I feel good about my decision.


So, packing. I have a massive closet on both coast, it’s kinda embarrassing, but you all know how much I love FASHION ! So, yeah, lots to consolidated, donate and pack.  I have to go through 2 storage units and figure what I need and don’t need. The most immediate need was to pack into 3 suitcase for the flight.  I have traveled so much that I had packing down to a science. So, I thought, until I came across  Ezpacking. There like zip lock bags for suitcases and they are AMAZING!  The large and medium packing cubes are my favorite, I use these for jeans/pants and tops !  Ezpacking has a starter kit and a full set kit, you can also purchase them individually as you need. The sets also come with shoe bags and laundry bags, too keep things separate, Oh and a folding board for the perfectly folded shirt. They also have a variety of colors, which makes your suitcase nice and organized ! They are so perfect for packing, I cannot even tell you. Oh, and their customer service is top notch ! Customer service is very important to me and they nail it.

I love these packing cubes so much that Ezpacking is offering a 15% off discount to all my readers & followers .. just use code FORTYPLUSTEN and you’re all set ! As you guys start your holiday traveling, these cubes will be perfect! And ladies, the small cubes are perfect for your skin care and makeup products.  Going through airport security is easy peasy, because you know those lines are a beast! how-to-pack-like-a-pro



You can thank me later, Happy PACKING !

xoxo, Andrinique