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Chrissy Teigen for A.L.C. on duty & Intermix

Hello Ladies,

So, a new celebrity and fashion brand collaboration has been born ! Chrissy Teigen and Andrea Lieberman founder of A.L.C_ltd. The collaboration will be sold exclusively at Intermix , and this should be a fantastic one.  I say this because, I find a lot of celebrity and brand collaborations to be more forced business ventures, something  to drive sales and create buzz.. Either the celebrity needs buzz / pr for their career or the brand does. In this case, I have to say, the collab between Chrissy TeigenA.L.C_ltd and Intermix  seems pretty organic and legit.


The collection represents the way the modern woman wants to dress says Andrea Lieberman, founder and Creative Director of A.L.C_ltd  x On DUTY collection. She goes on to say ” In the spirit of always wanting to look and feel our best, we went on a mission to design clothing that was casual, fit seamlessly into our wardrobes and answered all of the needs of our busy lives”.  At the launch party last night at in LA, it was clear that there is a strong friendship between Chrissy and Andrea. I believe that is a key ingredient to any successful collaboration.

One thing that Chrissy hit on in this video was how the line is so interchangeable from east coast to west coast. I find that very insightful, because there is a definite difference in fashion style between NYC and LA. I am born and braised in NYC and have live in LA back and forth for 15 years. I to have found myself struggling with this very thing Chrissy mentions. And so, I end up having two wardrobes East and West coasts. The struggle may be over, because I thing I’ve found the solution in A.L.C_ltd and the ON DUTY collection.  Here are a few pieces for the line that I love!



What ar your favorite pieces?

until next time, Andrinique


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