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First Impression- Naked Soul Beauty- Love Exfoliating Mask

Hey Friends,

First Impression- Naked Soul Beauty- Love Exfoliating Mask

So, this blog review will be the first “NOT’ impressed blog I’ve ever written. Naked Soul Beauty is a new organic skin care line that just recently launched this past November. I had been in contact via instagram with the owner of the line and I agreed to try Naked Soul Beauty face mask  in collaboration.

The brand sent me the LOVE exfoliation mask and quarter size jars of the cleansing cream, eye cream and a night cream. It’s almost impossible to review the samples as the sizes I was sent last about 2 days three tops. In order for me to give my honest opinion on a skin care product I would have try it at least a month to 6 weeks to see noticeable signs or not! So, my review here is on the LOVE face mask which I honestly could not use more than once.  First, the scent was not pleasant for me at all. It reminding me of an old expired drug store face cream.

Naked Soul Beauty’s product promises

This beautiful aromatherapy mask and scrub polishes away dullness and removes impurities, leaving skin bright and hydrated. Our special rosa bourbonia oil adds a delicate but beautiful fragrance.


Our rosa bourbonia oil, purchased fair trade from India, is the purest extraction possible. This aromatherapy essential oil opens the heart chakra (and smells incredible).
We combined our signature face cream for hydrating and anti-aging with skin-clearing white willow bark extract to exfoliate on a cellular level.
Rose clay to purify, cleanse, and increase circulation
Rose jojoba beads for surface polishing

No Bueno 

I was hoping that there would be scents of rose or at least jojoba due to the claim that the scent was that of  an aromatherapy experience, but there was not.  And, the texture was not that of a clay texture that I would expect. I have used almost every mask out there high-end and drug store. So, I was expecting sometime type of mask feeling. The  application kinda grossed me out and I felt an immediate desire to wash the mask off quickly after applying it. ( just being honest )  As I was applying the mask and afterwards the mixture broke up and was weird-looking and feeling on my face.  There was not the feel of exfolating beads, it felt like beads of some sort, but definitely not exfoliating. I can’t explain it but, I wanted it off my face. I have used mask with rose,  jojoba and white willow bark extract and this product doesn’t feel or smell like that is what is in it !   Here is a picture of the mask on:


I was so excited to try Naked Soul Beauty. However, my blogs are written on my impression and experience. Sadly I was not impressed! I am not happy to have to write these review as such, but I am always going to be honest no matter what. 

xoxo, Andrinique

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