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Hi Ladies,

I fell off the workout wagon three months ago, there I admit it LOL ! Seriously tho, I find when my life starts to get outta balance all of my lifestyle routines suffer. I stop working out, I don’t get enough sleep and I start eating really bad.  Not to mention, having to go to a job I really didn’t enjoy. Welp, I don’t work at that job anymore and I’m BACK !

My favorite forms of working out are; weight training and running ( 5k or 10k’s only and it has to be in a tutu) I sometimes do bootcamp style workouts or orange theory. I really want to get into cross fit. I tried it once and was almost through it, when the last round of burpee’s  got me. I had a full on melt down when I couldn’t complete the last set and began hysterically crying. I never went back, LOL. I think I’ll be ok this time, I’m going back ! Bottom line is, I always want my body to be strong. So, not working out really isn’t an option.

Oh, and I have gained some weight during this  un-scheduled break.. So, who wants to join me back on the workout wagon ?  Who has a few pounds to shed and wants an accountability partner?  Who’s with me ?

we got this, Andrinique

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