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Forty Plus Ten Goes to London – Part 1 – eridge park

Hi ladies,

So, I’m off to the UK in 9 weeks ! I will be staying on a lovely estate GLamping style! You read correct CAMPING, tent style sleeping and all ! So, I am tasked with packing very differently then I am accustom.

Here are a few items on my packing list, things I have NEVER pack for a trip before ! 

  • Sleeping bag
  • Backpack ( like a real camping one ) not my cute leather or lululemon ones
  • Rainboots ( thank goodness for my HUNTERS )
  • extra socks :-0
  • Flashlight or headlight ( not flatting my curls, flashlight it is )

So, your wondering where the hell I’m going right ? Eridge Park, the oldest Deer Park in England set on 3,000 acres of private parkland. Eridge Park features ancient woodlands, breathtaking rolling hills and lakes. Talk about an adventure, this trip screams ADVENTURE !  I have to admit, I am super excited to go on a trip like this. I mean talk about going out of my comfort zone, this is way out.. no Four Season here ! But, I’m all about venturing out and saying YES to things, I would most likely in the pass have said no too. Here’s to stepping out and being a YES for real…

To keep you guys all looped and, I will be posting this London trip in editions.. next post will be an update on “how to shop” for a camping trip all while staying fabulous and true to my fashionista style. This should be VERY interested, wish me luck !

If you have ANY suggestions on where to shop for my packing list, PLEASE share. #noidea


xoxo, Andrinique



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