Hi ,

So happy you stopped by for a dose of style and inspiration.  I’m Andrinique Davis, creative content director for Forty + Ten.  A little backstory on me, I had a very successful career in HR & Recruitment in NY, LA  in the luxury retail arena. One day, I decided to turn my weekend event and wedding planning hobby into a full-time career, and founded Andrinique Special Events in 2004.

Forty + Ten  came about organically as my life evolved. First, from my love for  fashion, beauty, and  travel. And then later in life after years of self inquiry ( quite on accident ) I discovered yoga & meditation, they became my passions.

I  felt compelled to create Forty Plus Ten as a place were other fabulous, and confident women could come together for motivation and inspiration. This is the deal, I am a fashion forward yogi, who believes in community and authentic connections. I invite you to  join me on this journey.. My goal here is to build community, while staying fabulous, REAL, fit, and healthy together.

Details:  I was born and raised in NYC.. I’m a vision and goals coach, ryt-200hr yoga teacher, and meditation facilitator ( my life passion )  HOBBIES: wine tasting, traveling, reading, writing , interior decorating and snowboarding.

xoxo, Andrinique