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How I Anti-Age- my top 5 Holy Grail skin care products- Forty Plus Ten

Hey Ladies,

My bad on my weekly blog posting. NYFW happened then a little London & Milan and now it’s Paris Fashion week. So, much to digest and in such a small period of time. Oh, and two big things are going on in my life. My birthday is next month and, I am making a big move back to NYC ! ¬†Another move, nothing new. I move around to experience life, that’s how I grow!

So, with my birthday coming up next month, I thought I would share how I ” anti- age “ ūüôā Recently I took a skin test and my skin result came in at age 44. ¬†99% of people I meet think I am in my early to mid forty’s. NOT ! How do I look like I am in my forty’s when I am not ? ¬†The regular, drinking tons of water, staying away from hydrating¬†with sugary drinks, a regular yoga practice and or some form of exercise, along with the proper amount of sleep works for me. And, of course my holy grail skin care routine.¬†

Here are the anti-aging products I have been using all summer and I love them !

  1. Sunday Riley  Good Genes 
  2. Sunday Riley Luna Night Oil
  3. Biossance  Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel
  4. Juice Beauty  Green Apple Brightening SPF 15 Moisturizer
  5. Juice Beauty  Green Apple Age Defy Hand Cream














biossance-squalane-peptide-eye-gel juice_beauty_age_defy_green_apple_age_defy_hand_cream


So, there you have it, my holy grail skin care products for anti-aging . I use these morning and night, everyday. Except the hand cream, I use that after every hand wash, so it lives in my purse.. Kinda of obsessed, it smells soo good, like apples ūüôā

xoxo, Andrinique

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