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7 step guide to writing your Vision and Goals

Happy New Year Friends,


7 step guide to writing your ‘Vision and Goals’

I hope you all had a super, fantastic holiday season! Well, it’s a new year, and many of us making resolutions and setting intentions for the new year 2018.  I have put together this comprehensive ‘ 7 step guide to writing your vision and goals’.

While it is good to set intentions for living your best life, the part people get tripped up on is how to actually do that.  I am here to tell you it goes far beyond writing down goals and making fancy vision boards, though that is a wonderful start. But, there is more to it than that. I mean, if it were that simple, we would all be living our best lives, right?  And, I mean best life, living to our fullest potential.

That is what we all strife for but, miss the mark on sometimes.  For example, when the career is on point, the love life may be lagging, suffering or flat-out non-existent, or your health or your family life is not so good !  Nothing is 100% the best all the time.  But wait there’s more.. YOU are in control and the co-creator of your destiny aka life ! How about we take that on for kicks and giggles..

A quick little back ground on how I became the Vision and Goals girl.

I have always been a motivator and someone who inspires others.  My friends will all tell you. If you’re feeling like you cannot do a single thing and feel like and may even believe that your dreams will remain just that dreams, and your goals just far-fetched wishes, you need to chat with Andrinique.

I have always had this part of me that believes in people, even when I don’t always believe in myself, I know someone else can achieve anything they desire. So, when friends, family, clients and sometimes even random strangers un- knowningly or knowingly engage me in a conversation about something they want or something they want to do..  instantly I become their biggest fan, advocate, helper, supporter, connector you name it, I’m all over it.

Additional, I  have lead group vision and goals sessions with different lululemon teams, local yoga studios as well as private 1×1’s with people.


My goals

One of my goals is to start a vision and goals consulting business as an extension of my blog Fortyplusten. My target clients will be women forty and over and young girls 12 to 16. Why such a specific demographic your ask? Well, women over forty tend to focus so much on their families they forget their dreams and goals as they are so laser focused on having a happy family and raising happy, smart and productive children. When they do remember they had their own dreams, there is dust all over them and sometime at that point they sometimes lack the confidence or know how when it comes to making their dreams their reality.

We know all to well that young girls can go all the way left ( the not good side ) between the ages of 12 and 16..  the struggles of being a girl in this world at that age…whew !  That’s is an entirely different blog topic. That is why  I chose this demographic. But, because I and the DREAM catcher, I will most like always be the Vision and Goals girl to the masses.

a-goal-without- a -plan- is -a wish

  7 steps to writing your vision and goals.

  1. GET clear – On what you want, not on what you DON’T want. Ever notice that when you ask someone a question about what they want the first thing they do is tell you what the DON’T want, as if that was the question. ex: What type of man would you like to marry? (answer) Well, I DON’T want a lazy man with no ambition ! or, What do you want to do this weekend?  ( answer) I DONT’ want to just lay around the house.  GET IT,  write down what you DO want.. and if the DON’T’s keep showing up.. try this.. DRAW a BIG circle on a piece of paper and start writing what you want inside of the circle.. when a DON’T shows up, write it outside of the circle. That way you acknowledge it and the energy it brings and set it aside.  After your done, were only going with the DO’s and throwing away the DON’T’s.
  2. VISUALIZE- Your life, you know that BEST life we were talking about.. This could look like you laying down with your eyes close or sitting in your favorite corner of your home or at a park or beach, whatever. If you think visualization is some hard yogi thing, think of this activity like day dreaming, only when you’re done, you write it down. The day-dream has to come from a place of already..not maybe or what if. So, when you write it down it’s in the present time not in the future. When you’re  visualizing pay attention to the following: where are you? who’s around? what sounds do you hear? what smells fill the air ?
  3. WRITE IT DOWN– All of it, in the present tense..The sentences should start with  I AM ! this is KEY. Think of it as if  you’re writing the story of your life for someone interested in knowing what your life is like currently.
  4. BREAK IT DOWN– We need balance in our lives right, you hear it every day,every where, from everyone.. ” YOU NEED BALANCE “ ( in that nagging but true voice of a friend or parent ) Well it’s true, we all need our lives to be balanced. So, it make sense that we have to have goals for the 3 most important aspects of our life.  Our personal life, our career and our health. In your day-dream there was personal ( family, friends etc ) career ( what you want that to be or look like ) I doe no, maybe you want to be president 🙂 and your health..because if our body and health is jacked were F’d. In the writing down part, each of these need their own section.
  5. ACTION steps- you can write pie in the sky goals all day long but, if you don’t have measurable action steps that shit gonna just be a story on paper. How do you plan on making this shit happen? Be real because it’s your life and no one has the answers to your life except you and the universe. ( GOD ) Don’t be discouraged if you don’t know HOW on some things.. But, now it’s written down and you now no what you don’t know.. and now, you can ASK for HELP ! Seek out people in your life who do know or knows someone who knows, get a mentor or my favorite an ACCOUNTABILITY buddy.. this accountability buddy should be there for support but, most importantly, they won’t let you get off by saying ” I DON’T KNOW HOW” or I CAN’T cuz that’s bullshit. You know why? Because,  it’s was your vision to begin with. No one force that dream on you ! so be real..
  6. SET DATES- Give yourself realistic dates to make your goals attainable. You aint gonna be the president by this time next year #justsayin. You know what you are capable of better than anyone so set real dates. Maybe break your 2018 goals into 4 quarters, maybe some goals need a few years ( don’t get crazy tho ). I do my goals in quarters 🙂 and, if you don’t meet a date deadline ask yourself these questions ASAP; wtf happen? ( is the answer legit or is it any excuse ) do you really want whatever it was? ( shit happens, maybe you woke one morning an realize that goal was planted in your head by a parent or society) if you’re trying your best and IT just hasn’t happen yet, cool, MOVE the date a few months.. If you miss it again, you gotta go deep and figure that shit out, love. Do not, I REPEAT, DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP ! cause that’s not helpful !!
  7. VISION BOARD– Create a vision board and use photos that look like the life you VISIONED ! Post it somewhere you can see it everyday, and several times a day. And, when you walk past it stop and remember how you felt when your eyes were close and you were in your vision.. the feelings of happiest and all that ENERGY you had during your vision exercise is super important. You want to tune into that energy every time you look at your vision board and day dream about living your BEST life. Energy is like a radio frequency, it has a HIGH and CLEAR frequency and a  staticE  low one…stay on the the high one!

And wala, your living your best life.. Enjoy your creation!

xoxo, Andrinique


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Seed Phytonutrients- Farmed Skincare

Hi Friends,

Farm to skin with Seed Phytonutrients

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday filled with love and tons of laughter.  I wanted to share with you all a new  skin care brand that will be launching in spring 2018. Seed Phytonutrients  !  After waiting patiently for a few months,  I was sent a sample package of the hair and skin care line. It actually arrived just in time, right around the time NYC starting getting cold.  Seed Phytonutrients  is a totally organic, “farm-to-body” collection of plant-based body- and hair-care products.






This company grows and harvests their own seeds for each product right on their farm in Pennsylvania sweetly named Shiloh Farms. Everything they grow and harvest is then package in sustainable bottles.




Their bottles are green, recycled and hold up against any type of moisture.  No more plastic bottles in your showers and bathrooms. I mean, this company founded by  Shane Wolf and Michael Ranspot have made a commitment to reducing waste, minimizing carbon foot print and creating a hair and skin care brand that is good for you and that works!! So, a skin care brand that works and is completely NON TOXIC! Seed Phytonutrients  will be available soon so, I don’ t have price points to share. But, something tells me the line will be affordable. This line is a 100% WIN WIN !



Hit them up for a few samples

I was fortunate to get a change to  try the hair cleanser, conditioner, body moisturizer, hand wash, and facial cleanser!  These products smell amazing ! The body moisturizer works miracles in this cold NY weather, and I have been using it as a hand cream. I cannot wait to get my hands on the hand salve. The facial cleanser softens, cleans and refreshes your skin with less than a dime size amount.  They even sent me the cutest recycled little tote bag, great for quick trips to the farmers market.


seed phytonutrients-samples

Brand Launch- April 2018

I sincerely cannot wait to get my hands on this amazing, organic and  sustainable farm to body skin and hair care collection. This is an un–sponsored blog review and the line hasn’t even launched yet but, I could not wait to share with you all!

I wish you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR ! See ya in 2018.

xoxo, Andrinique


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First Impression- Naked Soul Beauty- Love Exfoliating Mask

Hey Friends,

First Impression- Naked Soul Beauty- Love Exfoliating Mask

So, this blog review will be the first “NOT’ impressed blog I’ve ever written. Naked Soul Beauty is a new organic skin care line that just recently launched this past November. I had been in contact via instagram with the owner of the line and I agreed to try Naked Soul Beauty face mask  in collaboration.

The brand sent me the LOVE exfoliation mask and quarter size jars of the cleansing cream, eye cream and a night cream. It’s almost impossible to review the samples as the sizes I was sent last about 2 days three tops. In order for me to give my honest opinion on a skin care product I would have try it at least a month to 6 weeks to see noticeable signs or not! So, my review here is on the LOVE face mask which I honestly could not use more than once.  First, the scent was not pleasant for me at all. It reminding me of an old expired drug store face cream.

Naked Soul Beauty’s product promises

This beautiful aromatherapy mask and scrub polishes away dullness and removes impurities, leaving skin bright and hydrated. Our special rosa bourbonia oil adds a delicate but beautiful fragrance.


Our rosa bourbonia oil, purchased fair trade from India, is the purest extraction possible. This aromatherapy essential oil opens the heart chakra (and smells incredible).
We combined our signature face cream for hydrating and anti-aging with skin-clearing white willow bark extract to exfoliate on a cellular level.
Rose clay to purify, cleanse, and increase circulation
Rose jojoba beads for surface polishing

No Bueno 

I was hoping that there would be scents of rose or at least jojoba due to the claim that the scent was that of  an aromatherapy experience, but there was not.  And, the texture was not that of a clay texture that I would expect. I have used almost every mask out there high-end and drug store. So, I was expecting sometime type of mask feeling. The  application kinda grossed me out and I felt an immediate desire to wash the mask off quickly after applying it. ( just being honest )  As I was applying the mask and afterwards the mixture broke up and was weird-looking and feeling on my face.  There was not the feel of exfolating beads, it felt like beads of some sort, but definitely not exfoliating. I can’t explain it but, I wanted it off my face. I have used mask with rose,  jojoba and white willow bark extract and this product doesn’t feel or smell like that is what is in it !   Here is a picture of the mask on:


I was so excited to try Naked Soul Beauty. However, my blogs are written on my impression and experience. Sadly I was not impressed! I am not happy to have to write these review as such, but I am always going to be honest no matter what. 

xoxo, Andrinique

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Winter Curl Protection ~ Curls Blueberry Bliss

Hey Friends,


Winter Curl Protection ~ Curls Blueberry Bliss

Happy almost Christmas ! Baby, it’s cold outside ..Which in curly girl language means OH NO, my hair, and winter curl protection.

It was  Curls Blueberry Bliss to the rescue and the timing could’nt be more perfect because, as  I have  just partnered with CURLS.  They sent me the Curls Blueberry Bliss line to try. Initially had only been using the Reparative leave- in conditioner and was obsessed with it until recently. My obsession is for the entire CURLS BlueBerry Bliss line.

It smells like Blueberries

First of all, it legit smells like blueberries. That’s because it’s made from ORGANIC Blueberry Extract. You guys know I am all about that organic beauty, hair and lifestyle.  I have found that some “organic ” hair brands though organic, don’t always work so well. So, I find myself mixing and cocktailing brands to get my curly hair healthy, shiny and most of all FRIZZ free  CURLS Blueberry Bliss line does it ALL !

The products apply smooth and easy and the hold is no joke and no crunch 🙂 Here are some of the ingrediants and benefits from the CURLS  Blueberry Bliss collection. 

winter curl protection


BENEFITS of Certified Organic Blueberry Extract- found in EVERY product



Blueberries are packed with antioxidants and vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E and vitamin B complex which is protects color treated hair. Blueberries are rich in vitamin C, which is essential for healthy, strong, break resistant hair. Without adequate vitamin C, your hair is prone to breakage and thinning. The proanthocyanidins found in blueberries have been proven to cause the hair follicle cells to grow.  Also, the presence of Vitamin B helps increase hair growth by improving oxygenation and circulation of blood in the the scalp.



So, there is the science and here are my winter wash go curly hair products  from the CURL Blueberry Bliss Collection:

Repartative Hair Wash

Reparative Leave In Conditioner

Curl Control Jelly

Hair Growth Oil

Reparative Hair Mask


winter curl protection

Hair types and curl patterns

It really is a relieve and refreshing to find a hair care line for curly girls that has everything our hair needs and is GOOD for our hair. The mixing and matching of products, and trying so many different brands not to mention spending a fortune, only to find out some work but for most d0 not. I have multi- cultured hair because I am multi- cultural. My hair is low proristy, it’s 3-A in the back, 4-A in the middle and 3-B in the front and Curls adapts to my different hair types.  Oh, and the price point is beyond reasonable.. Not going broke on hair care products with this line !

The CURLS line also has a line for Kids, Babies and the newest line for type 4 hair patterns called The Cashmere and Caviar Collection  Happy Holiday’s


If you are interested in trying the line at small discount, let me know in the comments and I will get a special fortyplusten code for you 😉

xoxo, Andrinique

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Winter Coat Styling-what’s trending

Hi Friends,

Winter Coat Styling- Here are my favorites

 Winter has arrive ! I have been so craze busy getting situated back in NYC. I forgot how much of a BEAST it is to find an apartment in NYC is ! Anyway, Let’s talk ‘ Winter Coat Styling’. First, I’m obsessed with anything  Shearling, Cashmere or Down (with faux fur ). My favorites have always been a stylish mid-length down jacket with a huge hooded fur collar and, a maxi length cashmere wrap coat. And, as I was writing this, I actually just realized that all of my down, puffer and cashmere coats are chocolate-brown lol !

The Trends

However, the biggest trend this season are puffer jackets & coats. I love me a puffer! I have two, a long one to cover my but in the freezing cold and a waist length one, both are chocolate brown. Puffer coats and jackets may look big and bulking but, you will be  warm and toasty that’s for sure.  I found a selection of new styles that I am loving and have posted them below for you. There is something for everyone. FYI,this is not a sponsor blog post, these are just a few styles and brands that I am really digging for winter 2017.. especially Cinzia Rocca which has been my go to for cashmere and wool coats since 2014! And, my newest fav for a great down coat is  Mackage !

winter coat styling

Asos– Longline Puffer Coat


winter coat styling

Mang0- Shearling Lined Coat

winter-coat styling

Shopbop  AYR- The Robe Coat



  MackageKerry Winter Down Coat 

My all time favorite, Cinzia Rocca ( the feature pic ) I have a coat similar to this one, except mine is longer and the collar is more shawl -like in Chocolate Brown color and I LOVE it!

I would love to know what are some of your winter coat favorites, leave a comment here. As I have written this I think I need a black moto style shearling jacket 🙂

xoxo, Andrinique

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Black Friday- Top 5 Holiday Gift Sets

Hi Friends,

Black Friday- Top 5 Holiday Gift Sets

                               Well, here we are again, the holiday season! My favorite time to celebrate after my birthday 🙂


Holiday Gift sets- the sure to please way to holiday shop

One thing that I dislike, is how fast we get thrown into the season. It’s like back to school, Halloween Christmas!  Thanksgiving is one of the more special times of the year in my opinion, and we get thrown into the season the day after Halloween, literally! Then everyone gets so focused on ‘ BLACK FRIDAY ‘ shopping. Well, in keeping with the BLACK FRIDAY theme, here are a few of my favorite holiday gift sets for you to indulge if you must get out the and do some black friday shopping!



Sunday-riley-bright-young- thing-holiday-kit

Sunday Riley’s Bright Young Thing






Fragrances make the season bright

Of course, the holiday season would not be complete without an amazing fragrance. J’adore by Dior has always been one of my favorites, been wearing in for years! This set comes with an eau de parfum and body lotion.  A new favorite is Jo Malone. Their luscious & lively Trio comes with Wood Sage & Sea Salt cologne, the body & hand wash and English Pear & Freesia Body Crème. I mean YUMMI E !






So, there you have my Black  Friday favorites. Hope you treat yourself or a loved one with one of these beautiful sets ! The prices are incredible and you can find them all at Sephora. You can also find these sets on the brands own website, and sometimes they have even more sets that can be purchase on their websites only. I find purchasing gifts set an easy gift to buy. Especially, when there are multiple pieces from the brand you like. The giftee gets to try more that one product. That is how I get hooked for sure!

Happy Black Friday shopping and HAPPY THANKSGIVING  to you and your family!

xoxo, Andrinique

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Winter Skin-Care Essentials

Hello Friends,

Winter Skin- Care Essentials

I am officially back home in the big apple, the concrete jungle were dreams are made ( nod to Alicia Keys & Jay Z ) ! It only took two days back and it’s nyc cold, well not as cold as it’s going to get but, cold per someone who has been living in LA 80% of the time.This meant, I had to get my winter skin care essentials in effect asap! I had to change up my skin care routine and lucky, I had all the products I needed to transition in no time.

Winter-skin-care- essentials


  • Sunday Riley – C.E.O Moisturizer  ( applied in the morning  )
  • Sunday Riley– Luna Night Oil (applied at night )
  • Laneige -Lip Sleeping Mask- It’s a mask for the lips.. my newest obsession! Forget about all those lip balms, this is all you need for dry, chapped winter lips !  ( applied at night)
  • Sunday Riley– Good Genes ( applied morning and night ) You already know this is my HOLY GRAIL !
  • Dermae– Radiant Glow  Face Oil- by one of my favorite organic lifestyle bloggers @SunKissAlba – I use this as an all over body oil ( I don’t use this on my face ) the shimmer takes GLOWING skin to a whole other level!  ( applied after shower )
  • Saranghae– Eye Cream – ( applied morning and night )  If you read my review on this amazing korean skin care brand, then you would know that I am obsessed with Saranghae’s eye cream
  • Sunday Riley– C.E.O Brighten Serum ( applied in the morning )



I have also change my weekly mask routine to include multi masking .. you’ve heard about multi-masking! Using different face masks on different areas of your face. In the winter months, my t-zone goes from oil to normal and the normal areas of my face tend to get a bit dyer.

Hope this helps you keep your skin healthy in the cold months ahead !

xoxo, Andrinique

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Sunday Riley Holiday Kit~ Limited Edition!

Hey Friends,

Sunday Riley Holiday Kit~ Limited Edition!

The holiday’s are upon us and so are the holiday beauty gift sets! Sunday Riley  has released her LIMITED EDITION holiday kit! It’s the  “Bright Young Thing Visible Skin Brightening Kit “, it literally has all my favorites in one collection.

Here’s what’s included:

  1. Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream – 0.5 oz/ 15 mL
  2. Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment – 0.5 oz/ 15 mL ( my holy grail )
  3. C.E.O. Rapid Flash Brightening Serum – 0.5 oz/ 15 mL



This award-winning trio is known for helping achieve smooth, radiant, younger-looking complexions. The dynamic trio provides solutions to:
– Dark spots
– Dullness and uneven skin tone
– Fine lines and wrinkles

I have been using Sunday Riley for a year and, my skin is legit noticeable brighter and smoother !

This is the perfect gift set for you to try Sunday Riley  for yourself, or to gift it to that someone in your life who cannot live without her Sunday Riley skin care. But hurry, it’s sold at  but for the price and the sizes, this collection will not last past black friday!  The product sizes in the set are not tiny little samples sizes that only are god for 1 or two uses. The sizes are substantial and good enough to gauge results

I will continue to use these products way pass the holiday. The Good Genes, Tidal water cream and CEO cleansers are stables in my skin care routine. Word on the streets is that Sunday Riley will be launching an eye cream very soon. If this is indeed truth, I will be first in line to try it out. I will even write a first impression blog review right here. I will give you the low down on the eye cream for you. Yes, I will be the tester for you all 😉

xoxo, Andrinique

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Saranghae- K-Beauty Product Review

Hi Friends,

Saranghae – K-Beauty-Product Review

You guys know I obsess over skin care! So, I was super excited to collaborated with Saranghae, a korean skin care brand. I was super excited to try their skin care brand for two reasons. One, I had never tried a korean skin care brand before and this market is doing very well in the beauty industry. And two, the line is quick an easy to use. The 5 step routine will cover all the bases for your skin care needs. It takes about 7 mins to apply and you have all your skin care needs taking care of!


Company History 

Let me tell you a little bit about Saranghae  ! So first off Saranghae means ” I love you “ in korean, how sweet is that? ! The history of Saranghae dates back 6oo years, rooted in the family history of the founder Min Jun Lee. The secrets to youthful, healthy, young-looking skin was pass down to her from her mother Lee Myeong Jo. So, what exactly is Saranghae?

saranghae-product review

Saranghae Heals, Regenerates andProtects your skin !

Saranghae is an award winning, 5 step anti-aging skin care routine designed to directly address the root causes that lead to unhealthy, damaged and aging skin. Saranghae achieves this by addressing 3 distinct phases. Healing, Regenerating and Protecting!  Saranghae does not use any of those dirty ingredients we have become so familiar with.  The two ingredients the I love the most and was the most interested in trying on my skin was the Phellinus Mushroom and the Ginseng.


Potent Ingredients


Phellinus Linteus (Sang Hwang) Mushroom–  this incredibly rare mushroom has been used in Asian medicine for over 1,500 years. In Asia it also goes by the nickname “The Healing Mushroom” and has been used to treat numerous ailments over the ages. It is documented to have powerful cancer fighting properties.

saranghae-product review



5 steps to beautiful skin

  1.  Nourishing & Moisturizing Oil + Foam Cleanser is formulated with 2 of the world’s most luxurious ingredients: Truffle Extract & Gold (yes, GOLD). This cleansing formula combines the deep pore cleansing power of an oil cleanser with the effective make-up removal of a foam cleanser. It eliminates oil, micro-particles, grime, dirt and toxins while hydrating and nourishing your skin at the same time. This cleanser smells amazing  ! And I swear my face looked brighter after the first time using it, NO JOKE!
  2. Deep Radiance Essence + Serum is designed to penetrate your outer epidermis layer and deliver crucial nutrients like antioxidants, amino acids and vitamins directly to your living cells. Lovingly crafted with 10% Phellinus Linteus (Sang Hwang) Mushroom extract, plant based placenta, collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, the result is a skin that efficiently heals and regenerates every moment of every day.
  • Dramatically increases cellular nutrient delivery by increasing blood circulation
  • Prevents dry and flaky skin by controlling the balance between skin moisture and oil
  • Balances your skin’s potential hydrogen (pH) level to prevent flair ups, inflammation and break outs
  • Deeper penetration into the cellular level allows skin cells to receive vital living nutrients

      3.  Firm and Lift Cellular Regeneration Cream Moisturize + Hydrate + Rejuvenate. Made with certified organically grown 15% Phellinus Linteus (Sang Hwang) mushroom and Ginseng. The Firm & Lift will decrease the formation of free radicals and reduce damage due to oxidative stress by up to 220%.

  • Inhibit the formation of “the aging enzyme” Elastase by 85%
  • Stimulate collagen and elastin production in skin by 200%
  • Reduces swelling, redness and age spots
  • Proven to reduce wrinkle depth and width

      4. Focus Renewal Eye Cream– Formulated with Phellinus Linteus (Sang Hwang) Mushroom Extract, adenosine, vitamin B3, elastin and collagen, the Focus Renewal Eye Serum is the single most effective solution to restore vitality, diminish wrinkles, visibly lift and firm and brighten the appearance of dark circles around the eyes. 

  • Dramatically increases cellular nutrient delivery by increasing blood circulation
  • Reduce dark circles, swelling and puffiness in and around the eye trough
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Lifts and firms sagging and loose skin surrounding the eyes

5. Elemental Essence Mask- is a unique, lightweight, micro-fiber material with a blend of Asian botanicals that helps calm inflamed skin, enhance the natural contours of the face and maximize brightness. Fortified with Saranghae’s CoQ10 and Hyaluronic Acid. This mask delivers radiant results instantly after use, while reducing existing pigmentation over time for a breathtakingly beautiful finish.

  • Reduce & prevent fine lines & wrinkles
  • Deliver antioxidant CoQ10 & Hyaluronic Acid for repair and regeneration of skin cells
  • Eliminate redness and inflammation caused by stress & pollution



And, voila ! I highly recommend Saranghae 5 step routine. I immediately notice improvements in my skins tone and texture. The regenerating cream is super creamy and a bit thick, which is perfect for cold climates. (I have t-zone oily skin.) If you have dryer skin, you can probably use this in any climate. The cleanser, OH this cleanser. It is one of the best on the market, no need to double cleanse because, it removes everything with a very small amount of product.. It feels so amazing going on and super silky, and SMELLS amazing ! Can we talk about the Eye cream? ! These are my favorites, but of course there is the serum and the mask which I really like as well. I really like the mask because it’s not dripping wet like a lot of other masks currently on the market. Saranghae  has also come out with a clay mask that I am dying to get my hands on..! Over all, I think this is an amazing, and effective skin care brand.

xoxo, Andrinique