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Skin Care ingredients- if you can’t pronounce it, Google it !

Hello Ladies,

Let’s talk skin care for a moment, shall we? You ladies know that I  have been on a mission to find the top 2 to 3 skin care brands on the market. And, by top I mean, they actually promote healthy skin. I’ve always had my eye out for these words on the label.. 100% sulfate, paraben, and silcone free, organic, and cruelty free. WELL, those are the words to look out for, but these cleaver little skin care brands have found new words to place on their ingredient labels. Long, words that we cannot pronounce and don not know the definition of.  So, some history here, I started paying closer attention to skin care ingredients when I came across a brand called Beauty Counter and their “NEVER LIST”. I could not believe all of the bad stuff that has been use to formulate skin care products. I mean we have a skin routine for a reason, to have healthy skin, right. We even spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars a year to have healthy, glowing, younger looking skin. I do !  The price points are mind-blowing. I actually avoid some brands that I “thought” were amazing simply because I could not bring myself to spend $300 for a skin product.

Well, after being prompted to do further research into a few of my favorite brands, I was left mortified, shocked, pissed and sad all at the same time. Here I am trusting brands to be who and what they say they are, only to find out they are not actually be completely transparent. Don’t get me wrong, I take full responsiblity for not taking the extra steps to ensure what I was buying was what I actually wanted. MY BAD ! But, as Maya Angelo once said, ” when you know better you do better ” !  And, after spend 24 straight hours  ( no sleep ) researching the products I have been spending my hard-earned money on AND using, that my products are pretty much poison !  You ladies may already know all of this, but I have been totally and completely schooled over the last 24 hours.

I know, I sound super dramatic right now, but seriously, NOT ok !  I am not going to list every brand both skin care and makeup in this blog that are basically poison hiding out in my skin care and makeup, because, well that would be a long ass blog and a whole lot of unhappy readers. So, I will ask you to do some research of what is in your  bathroom vanity and makeup bag.  Look up ie Google every ingredient that you  cannot pronounce or don’t know the definition of and decide for yourself what your skin and health means to you.  Also, check for where they fall in the ingredient list. One bad ingredient way down on the list isn’t as bad as being in the top five of the list and having multiple bad ingredients in one product.  BUT try your best to avoid dimethicone or any word ending in cone ! #googleit

Am I going on a natural REAL organic skin care haul in the next few days ? NO! However,  some of my products are absolutely going straight in the trash, and some I have recently purchased are going back to the store, while others  I will use until I finish them but, I will not be repurchasing them.  Now that I know what I know, there are a few REAL organic and natural brands that I will try and I am back trying skin care products 🙂

Hope this helps someone,

xoxo, Andrinique



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