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The World of Fashion Blogging-from the eyes of a Newbie


Hi Ladies,

Hope you all are doing Rosey !    I have been contemplating the vision and goal of my blog the last few months. And, the bottom line is, I want my blog to uplift, motivate, and inspire other women- mostly women in my age group…  But, any women really. We all have a place in the world with a gift to share, and no one will do it quite like you!  ” Be you, everyone else is already taken ”

I am newbie on the blog scene, right ? right ! SOOO, many fashion and beauty bloggers all ready been in the game for YEARS. The most popular ones as long as 5 or more. I find myself asking myself as I am reading blog posts and scrolling through insta ” I wonder why they do it”, blog ? For me, the answer is because I LOVE fashion everything, always have. I want to share what I love with others, inspiring them to try something new, like a style or a trend or a brand. I figure if I love it, surely I have to share it with someone else to love. At least from my perspective. I think to myself, maybe something that I love will motivate someone or give someone a push to try something new, something different, who knows.  To be honest, I attempted to start a fashion blog back in 2012, but my ego was successful in convincing me that no one would read it.. Pain in the ASS ego ! However, the truth of what I wanted to do  kept speaking to me… ” write about & share the things you love Andrinique”. And so, here I am!

I launched Forty Plus Ten on June 5th, 2017, yup a little over a month ago…and WOW ! The hustle of the blog world is REAL.!! What baffles my brain is the competition ! I mean, damn were not curing disease or anything. Everyone posting different version of the same photos, in the same outfits, by the same brands. I mean WTH, where is the creativity and authenticity ?? Don’t get me wrong their are many bloggers out there KILLIN it. They have created their own style and brand and staying true to it, bravo to them. But, then there are those who let’s say are NOT.  It reminds me of the time when everyone wanted to be a Wedding Planner, weather they had experience or a real interest or not. Now, being a BLOGGER is the thing. I feel some people just really have a flair for fashion and they should be paid to blog, others not so much. Blogging is such and over saturated market, but if you’re true to who you are and have a niche, you will win and by win I mean be paid to blog.  Blogging is a huge business and it takes a ton of planning, strategy and commitment. I guess just like any other business, did not know this.. EYE OPENING !!! But, I love it and so, being successful at blogging and possibly even getting paid to do what I love is icing on the cake!  I believe, if you are doing something you love, you will success because, well, you LOVE it  ! I am a vision and goals couch ( another blog ) and I always say, ” do that thing you would do free, that is your gift” that is the thing you will be most successful at.  And, remember that FEAR is a LIAR !

So, what can you expect here on my blog consistently? Makeup Monday’s, Inspiration Wednesday’s, and Fashion / Beauty or Style on Thursday’s or  Friday’s. I can tell you one thing, I am so down for this next journey, at least for the next 5 years anyway. Then, I am moving to Italy and going to travel and eat every dessert I can find 🙂

So, why are you doing or not doing what you love ? Let me know, so interested.

xoxo, Andrinique