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Black Friday- Top 5 Holiday Gift Sets

Hi Friends,

Black Friday- Top 5 Holiday Gift Sets

                               Well, here we are again, the holiday season! My favorite time to celebrate after my birthday 🙂


Holiday Gift sets- the sure to please way to holiday shop

One thing that I dislike, is how fast we get thrown into the season. It’s like back to school, Halloween Christmas!  Thanksgiving is one of the more special times of the year in my opinion, and we get thrown into the season the day after Halloween, literally! Then everyone gets so focused on ‘ BLACK FRIDAY ‘ shopping. Well, in keeping with the BLACK FRIDAY theme, here are a few of my favorite holiday gift sets for you to indulge if you must get out the and do some black friday shopping!



Sunday-riley-bright-young- thing-holiday-kit

Sunday Riley’s Bright Young Thing






Fragrances make the season bright

Of course, the holiday season would not be complete without an amazing fragrance. J’adore by Dior has always been one of my favorites, been wearing in for years! This set comes with an eau de parfum and body lotion.  A new favorite is Jo Malone. Their luscious & lively Trio comes with Wood Sage & Sea Salt cologne, the body & hand wash and English Pear & Freesia Body Crème. I mean YUMMI E !






So, there you have my Black  Friday favorites. Hope you treat yourself or a loved one with one of these beautiful sets ! The prices are incredible and you can find them all at Sephora. You can also find these sets on the brands own website, and sometimes they have even more sets that can be purchase on their websites only. I find purchasing gifts set an easy gift to buy. Especially, when there are multiple pieces from the brand you like. The giftee gets to try more that one product. That is how I get hooked for sure!

Happy Black Friday shopping and HAPPY THANKSGIVING  to you and your family!

xoxo, Andrinique

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Winter Skin-Care Essentials

Hello Friends,

Winter Skin- Care Essentials

I am officially back home in the big apple, the concrete jungle were dreams are made ( nod to Alicia Keys & Jay Z ) ! It only took two days back and it’s nyc cold, well not as cold as it’s going to get but, cold per someone who has been living in LA 80% of the time.This meant, I had to get my winter skin care essentials in effect asap! I had to change up my skin care routine and lucky, I had all the products I needed to transition in no time.

Winter-skin-care- essentials


  • Sunday Riley – C.E.O Moisturizer  ( applied in the morning  )
  • Sunday Riley– Luna Night Oil (applied at night )
  • Laneige -Lip Sleeping Mask- It’s a mask for the lips.. my newest obsession! Forget about all those lip balms, this is all you need for dry, chapped winter lips !  ( applied at night)
  • Sunday Riley– Good Genes ( applied morning and night ) You already know this is my HOLY GRAIL !
  • Dermae– Radiant Glow  Face Oil- by one of my favorite organic lifestyle bloggers @SunKissAlba – I use this as an all over body oil ( I don’t use this on my face ) the shimmer takes GLOWING skin to a whole other level!  ( applied after shower )
  • Saranghae– Eye Cream – ( applied morning and night )  If you read my review on this amazing korean skin care brand, then you would know that I am obsessed with Saranghae’s eye cream
  • Sunday Riley– C.E.O Brighten Serum ( applied in the morning )



I have also change my weekly mask routine to include multi masking .. you’ve heard about multi-masking! Using different face masks on different areas of your face. In the winter months, my t-zone goes from oil to normal and the normal areas of my face tend to get a bit dyer.

Hope this helps you keep your skin healthy in the cold months ahead !

xoxo, Andrinique

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Fall Lipsticks on Repeat ~

Hi Friends,

I hope you’re having a fabulous week so far ! Almost the weekend, so R&R will be going down pretty soon. I am actually getting ready for my birthday weekend next week. Which will include but not limited too, 2 birthday dinners, shopping, spa day, and a new tattoo is happening:-) All in my 2nd favorite place- home ~ NYC.  You guys know Paris is my #1 !

While getting outfits ready, I noticed that I have been drawn and there for in love with these 4 lipstick. Since these will be on repeat this fall, I thought I would share them with you all.  After all, sharing is caring and there may be someone out there struggling to fine the perfect fall shade. I’m here to help.

Not listing them in any particular order however, the Chanel shade has been a fav of mine for a long time.  Lucky, they still make. Yes, that’s how long. So, here they are ( drum roll in the background )

  1. Chanel- Fantasque
  2. Mac – Capricious
  3. Zoya– Addie
  4. Stila-Chianti

Chanel- lipstick-fantasque-112





Both Chanel and Mac are lightweight soft applications with sheer to medium ” buildable” coverage. Same for Zoya in terms of application, but it does come off quicker and you will need to re-apply. No Biggie. The Zoya brand is the natural nail polish brand that I use.. They just launched their lipstick line 2 months ago.  Stila is a liquid lipstick that wears like a glossy lipstick, but stays on like a matte.. it feels like a matte on too!  So, if you don’t like that feeling on your lips, you will not like this. I tap some glossier-  on before I apply my Stila lip color to soften my lips and I am go to good.

Which is your fave fall lippie?

xoxo, Andrinique

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How I Anti-Age- my top 5 Holy Grail skin care products- Forty Plus Ten

Hey Ladies,

My bad on my weekly blog posting. NYFW happened then a little London & Milan and now it’s Paris Fashion week. So, much to digest and in such a small period of time. Oh, and two big things are going on in my life. My birthday is next month and, I am making a big move back to NYC !  Another move, nothing new. I move around to experience life, that’s how I grow!

So, with my birthday coming up next month, I thought I would share how I ” anti- age “ 🙂 Recently I took a skin test and my skin result came in at age 44.  99% of people I meet think I am in my early to mid forty’s. NOT ! How do I look like I am in my forty’s when I am not ?  The regular, drinking tons of water, staying away from hydrating with sugary drinks, a regular yoga practice and or some form of exercise, along with the proper amount of sleep works for me. And, of course my holy grail skin care routine. 

Here are the anti-aging products I have been using all summer and I love them !

  1. Sunday Riley  Good Genes 
  2. Sunday Riley Luna Night Oil
  3. Biossance  Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel
  4. Juice Beauty  Green Apple Brightening SPF 15 Moisturizer
  5. Juice Beauty  Green Apple Age Defy Hand Cream














biossance-squalane-peptide-eye-gel juice_beauty_age_defy_green_apple_age_defy_hand_cream


So, there you have it, my holy grail skin care products for anti-aging . I use these morning and night, everyday. Except the hand cream, I use that after every hand wash, so it lives in my purse.. Kinda of obsessed, it smells soo good, like apples 🙂

xoxo, Andrinique

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Meditation- How to access your authentic self

Hello again,


Any of you meditate? I do and have for 10 years. It was a long process for me to get myself grounded in the benefits of meditation and if it would have any real, noticeable effects on me. I am happy to say that, it did. I look back now and think, how was I not doing this my entire life and why isn’t this something that is a thing for everyone from child hood. The why for me was simple, I wanted to quiet the constant internal chatter in my head. You ever stop and pay attention to what your mind is telling you all day long? I mean, if you stop and pretend you are an outsider observing you, you would be amazed by how much your mind talks to you..Asking you questions, judging other people, and let us not forget all the self-doubt chatter. Ex; you’re bloated, you gonna eat that?, thought you were dieting, your hair gurl, you cannot really do that ? Who are you kidding? And so on and so on.. Well, I didn’t want to hear that voice all day or ever actually ! What I did want to do was gain access to who I really was, the authentic me, the me I was created to be. So, when I heard that in meditation I could practice quieting my mind and how to get connected to the source of who I was spiritually, I was all in. I have my definition of what Meditation is, but I found this definition and it’s pretty on point.

“Meditation is a process of calming the mind and an affirmation of the individual relationship to the universal. ” Deepak Chopra


meditation-self- knowledge                       How to Meditate

Initially, my intention was just to quiet my mind liked I said. But, I tend to talk a lot and so I also think a lot! How and the hell was I going to get MY mind to stop for at least 10 mins a day? I started toying with the idea that I could really do this when I started attending a spiritual center ( kinda like church ) in LA.  Fifteen minutes before every service they held a guided meditation. So, every Sunday and some Wednesday evenings, I made sure I was in my seat 15 mins before service time and “allow’ myself to be guided into meditation. The meditation facilitator always let us know in the first 5 mins that it was “ok” if our mind wandered. All we need to do was acknowledge our random thoughts and let them pass by. Imaging them kinda floating by in your head. I did this for weeks until one day, I decided to try it at home, on the floor in my bedroom without guidance. That was 1o years ago!  I now meditate sometime for up the 45 mins not even noticing the time. It really feels like 1o mins, I swear ! Once I realized I could do this on my own it was ON !  I use to set a timer on my phone for 11 mins and found some meditation type music and I began my meditation practice. Now, there are all kinds of meditation apps Headspace, Calm and my favorite Insight timer.  Here are the basics for the beginner:

 How to meditate: Simple meditation for beginners
  • Sit or lie comfortably  ( I have to sit or else I’ll fall asleep ) You may even want to invest in a meditation chair or cushion, especially if you have lower back problems. The floor even carpeted can be brutally on your butt and back.
  • Close your eyes and try to focus on the area between your eyes.
  • Make no effort to control your breath; simply breathe naturally.
  • Focus your attention on your breath.
  • Your stomach should be full on the inhalation and pulled in on the exhalation.

Once you are comfortable with your breath you can introduce a mantra to help you stay focused and keep that mind from wandering.   Om or A-um is the most basic and powerful mantra you can chant. This universal mantra will create powerful, positive vibrations in your lower abdomen. It is often combined with the mantra “Shanti,” which means peace in Sanskrit. You can repeat A-um as many times as you wish for your chanting. I still use these during the times I’m finding it difficult to stop my mind from wanting to chat it up while I’m meditating.

                                             Why Meditate

Some people ask, why meditate? what’s the point? For me, meditation has changed how I live my life completely. During my meditation time I am able to quiet my mind, and when my mind is quiet, I can hear what the universe is trying to tell me, where it’s leading me. We are always in search of how, why and what our life is about, and what our purpose is, etc. Well it’s not hard to uncover the answers to all of these questions, because they live inside of us. But, first we need to get quiet. I don’t think the universe ( GOD ) is a screamer about to yell over our internal conversations to share something with us. Well, sometimes when attention is really, really require, we may get a rock thrown at our head. ( of course, I mean metaphorically )

meditation- your-soul

I have had more actual guidance coming out of meditation then I ever had racking my brain or seeking advice from others. And, I like I said, the answers to all of our questions are already inside of us, we just need to be quiet, be still, listen, and trust.  Oh, and let’s not forget all of the scientific research out there that says Meditation is GOOD for you and your state of mind.  In case you don’t believe ME ..LOL ! When we are in tune with our TRUE nature, our authentic selves, that is when we can hear what our SOULS  are trying to communicate to us. xoxo, Andrinique

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On My Mat- my yoga journey

Hi Ladies,

Welcome back to my blog ! If your reading my blog for the first time, Hi!

Most of you probably don’t know that I am a RYT 200hr yoga teacher. I completed my yoga teacher training at Dancing Dogs Yoga in Savannah, GA, which is Baptiste  style yoga. It’s hot yoga, but not Bikram hot yoga. It was life changing to say the least.

A lot of people think of yoga as a  fitness routine, a sorta toning and firming your body type of work out. And, for a lot it is, nothing wrong with that..  But, for a huge group of people such as myself ( yogi’s ), it’s a heart and soul workout. It’s a workout to get in touch with the REAL you, the authentic YOU!  Once I step onto my mat, it’s like I am transported to another plane…. I turn inward almost automatically. I am no longer aware of those around me, and I am for sure not interested in who is in the best pose. In ytt ( yoga teacher training ) we practiced working on OURSELVES and evaluated how we show up in the world. The question that was raised daily through my practice, was who are you? why are you? It was a DEEP and scary question, because I was for sure at that time that I did NOT  know the answer. Who TF was I really?? I would find out 220 hrs later the real deal .. It wasn’t pretty, I am mean really, I was crying in class damn near everyday. YIKES! What vail had I been hiding behind for over 30 years? And why ??  Don’t worry, I found out, and the vail has been lifted 🙂

yoga-on- the-ocean

It was never really a goal of mine to become a yoga teacher as much as it was me using yoga to trying to figure out who I was. It was like something was pulling me toward internal inquiry. I was always empathic and very VERY in tune with energy, mine and those around me, and the energetic pull became stronger and stronger.  Until, one day I ended up in ytt in a city I had never even visited before.  (thank you Shelly )  You see, I was a meditator long before I became a yogi. My meditation practice guided me to my mat.

So, now when people find out that I am a yoga teacher the first thing they ask is why don’t I teach?  Well, I’m not right now, but maybe I will one day !  Until then, I hang out on my mat at Yoga Works, Core Power, or DDY whenever I’m in Savannah or Atlanta. My practice can be very messy at times and other times not..When it’s not, I say to myself something is off, because I am not perfect, so WTH? The messy practice is the real practice. Being on my mat keeps me real with myself and in turn, I show up real in the world. And for me, that is the point of me and my mat.  Yoga is soul food and if you haven’t had any, you should. You won’t know what you’ve been missing until you try it 🙂

I’m still digitally influencing, and keeping it real with you !

Thanks for hanging out with me, Andrinique

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Fitness Goals

Hi Ladies,

I fell off the workout wagon three months ago, there I admit it LOL ! Seriously tho, I find when my life starts to get outta balance all of my lifestyle routines suffer. I stop working out, I don’t get enough sleep and I start eating really bad.  Not to mention, having to go to a job I really didn’t enjoy. Welp, I don’t work at that job anymore and I’m BACK !

My favorite forms of working out are; weight training and running ( 5k or 10k’s only and it has to be in a tutu) I sometimes do bootcamp style workouts or orange theory. I really want to get into cross fit. I tried it once and was almost through it, when the last round of burpee’s  got me. I had a full on melt down when I couldn’t complete the last set and began hysterically crying. I never went back, LOL. I think I’ll be ok this time, I’m going back ! Bottom line is, I always want my body to be strong. So, not working out really isn’t an option.

Oh, and I have gained some weight during this  un-scheduled break.. So, who wants to join me back on the workout wagon ?  Who has a few pounds to shed and wants an accountability partner?  Who’s with me ?

we got this, Andrinique

From The Heart

The World of Fashion Blogging-from the eyes of a Newbie


Hi Ladies,

Hope you all are doing Rosey !    I have been contemplating the vision and goal of my blog the last few months. And, the bottom line is, I want my blog to uplift, motivate, and inspire other women- mostly women in my age group…  But, any women really. We all have a place in the world with a gift to share, and no one will do it quite like you!  ” Be you, everyone else is already taken ”

I am newbie on the blog scene, right ? right ! SOOO, many fashion and beauty bloggers all ready been in the game for YEARS. The most popular ones as long as 5 or more. I find myself asking myself as I am reading blog posts and scrolling through insta ” I wonder why they do it”, blog ? For me, the answer is because I LOVE fashion everything, always have. I want to share what I love with others, inspiring them to try something new, like a style or a trend or a brand. I figure if I love it, surely I have to share it with someone else to love. At least from my perspective. I think to myself, maybe something that I love will motivate someone or give someone a push to try something new, something different, who knows.  To be honest, I attempted to start a fashion blog back in 2012, but my ego was successful in convincing me that no one would read it.. Pain in the ASS ego ! However, the truth of what I wanted to do  kept speaking to me… ” write about & share the things you love Andrinique”. And so, here I am!

I launched Forty Plus Ten on June 5th, 2017, yup a little over a month ago…and WOW ! The hustle of the blog world is REAL.!! What baffles my brain is the competition ! I mean, damn were not curing disease or anything. Everyone posting different version of the same photos, in the same outfits, by the same brands. I mean WTH, where is the creativity and authenticity ?? Don’t get me wrong their are many bloggers out there KILLIN it. They have created their own style and brand and staying true to it, bravo to them. But, then there are those who let’s say are NOT.  It reminds me of the time when everyone wanted to be a Wedding Planner, weather they had experience or a real interest or not. Now, being a BLOGGER is the thing. I feel some people just really have a flair for fashion and they should be paid to blog, others not so much. Blogging is such and over saturated market, but if you’re true to who you are and have a niche, you will win and by win I mean be paid to blog.  Blogging is a huge business and it takes a ton of planning, strategy and commitment. I guess just like any other business, did not know this.. EYE OPENING !!! But, I love it and so, being successful at blogging and possibly even getting paid to do what I love is icing on the cake!  I believe, if you are doing something you love, you will success because, well, you LOVE it  ! I am a vision and goals couch ( another blog ) and I always say, ” do that thing you would do free, that is your gift” that is the thing you will be most successful at.  And, remember that FEAR is a LIAR !

So, what can you expect here on my blog consistently? Makeup Monday’s, Inspiration Wednesday’s, and Fashion / Beauty or Style on Thursday’s or  Friday’s. I can tell you one thing, I am so down for this next journey, at least for the next 5 years anyway. Then, I am moving to Italy and going to travel and eat every dessert I can find 🙂

So, why are you doing or not doing what you love ? Let me know, so interested.

xoxo, Andrinique

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Forty Plus Ten Goes to London – Part 1 – eridge park

Hi ladies,

So, I’m off to the UK in 9 weeks ! I will be staying on a lovely estate GLamping style! You read correct CAMPING, tent style sleeping and all ! So, I am tasked with packing very differently then I am accustom.

Here are a few items on my packing list, things I have NEVER pack for a trip before ! 

  • Sleeping bag
  • Backpack ( like a real camping one ) not my cute leather or lululemon ones
  • Rainboots ( thank goodness for my HUNTERS )
  • extra socks :-0
  • Flashlight or headlight ( not flatting my curls, flashlight it is )

So, your wondering where the hell I’m going right ? Eridge Park, the oldest Deer Park in England set on 3,000 acres of private parkland. Eridge Park features ancient woodlands, breathtaking rolling hills and lakes. Talk about an adventure, this trip screams ADVENTURE !  I have to admit, I am super excited to go on a trip like this. I mean talk about going out of my comfort zone, this is way out.. no Four Season here ! But, I’m all about venturing out and saying YES to things, I would most likely in the pass have said no too. Here’s to stepping out and being a YES for real…

To keep you guys all looped and, I will be posting this London trip in editions.. next post will be an update on “how to shop” for a camping trip all while staying fabulous and true to my fashionista style. This should be VERY interested, wish me luck !

If you have ANY suggestions on where to shop for my packing list, PLEASE share. #noidea


xoxo, Andrinique