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Tata Harper- Another Nontoxic Skin Care Line

Hello Ladies,

I have been on a mission lately to find the best of the best NONTOXIC skin care lines on the market. I started my mission back in 2016 while living in Atlanta, when I tried Beauty Counter. It was really the first time I seriously consider what I was putting into my body via my skin. I had an already been for a long time eating organic and being  particular with what I was putting in my body. I stopped using toxic hair care products as well as nail polish back in 2014.  One thing is for sure, these NONTOXIC products are super pricey. Make sense though, it’s the same as eating organic right?  I decided to try as many nontoxic skin care products I could get my hands on, and there is ALOT!  And, when I say try, I mean see if they work, and if they are worth their high price tag.  Tata Harper was next on my list. I am not going to go into who Tata Harper is a brand etc, as this is a non sponsor blog. I will just give you the low down on the products I have tried ( picture below)  from the line.

Tata Harper- Skincare

Here the products I used in order. 1. The Regenerating cleanser, this is an exfoliating cleanser used on a damp face, and massaged into skin with warm water for a few mins. 2. Concentrated Brightening Essence, this is the toner. This toner was thicker than the average toner with a  fresh natural scent. 3. Here comes the AGE Defying part, coming in the form of another Concentrated Brighten Serum, a few pumps on the face, neck and chest and you are a bit brighter. 4. Restorative Eye Cream, honestly I was not so excited about this product working that well because, I am a die-hard fan of  Biossance – Squalane Peptide Eye Gel.  But, to my surprise, I loved the eye cream. It felt as if it were working on my exhausted eyes immediately, WHAT ?! 5. Reparative Moisturizer, again, not super excited because I am currently obsessed with Sunday Riley’s Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream. It’s just so light in texture, yet super hydranting. Again, pleasantly surprised with this moisturizer cream. It too was light in texture and felt clean and natural on my skin.. Though it did feel a little greasy a few hours into having it on.   There are several more products in the line, but I wanted to try the basic, everyday products.  I like the line, especially the cleanser. And, that eye cream, it maybe my new LOVE, sorry Biossance.  I swear my eye area looked fresher and brighter as soon as I dried my face. NO Joke ! tata-harper-athome-facial

So, there you have it! I would love to try the rest of the line, especially the body products. I have yet to find a nontoxic, organic body line to obsess over… If you have any suggestion shoot me a comment below. If you were considering Tata Harper, I recommend it #thumbsup

xoxo, Andrinique

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